Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Beginning of Babywearing

I had my daughter in February of 2007. I had a wonderfully easy pregnancy, but the birth was another story. She had a prolapsed cord and I had an emergency C-section to deliver her. Nine days after she was born I was back in the ER with a DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis A.K.A. blood clot) in my leg. The recovery has been a bumpy road and for about a month, I was unable to walk. During that time, my daughter just lived next to me in bed! We got very attached to each other, literally. Consequently, once I was better, she still wanted to be near me. Holding her all day was an impossibility. My family went to the North Georgia Mountains with our friends, the Byers. Charisse (the momma) shared with me her Maya Pouch that she was using with her son. My daughter had been fussy, but when I put her in the pouch, she was instantly quiet, and shortly thereafter, asleep. It was great! Kaelin was happy and I had my hands free. From then on, I've been a big fan of babywearing. I hope you'll become one, too!

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