Monday, February 25, 2008

A Day in the Life of....

a substitute teacher...Well, I took Friday off so that I could spend the day with my favorite one year old on her birthday. I am a teacher and so I arranged for a substitute. This woman is actually a retired teacher, who taught at the school I now teach. It's always interesting when you get back from being off for a day. Sometimes the room is a disaster and sometimes you have very interesting notes. This morning the room was clean, but I had an "interesting" note.

"Dear Mrs. Stevens, We had a wonderful day except for Alan* and Frank*. They decided to see how far they could back away from the urinals in the bathroom and still make 'it' in..."

What?!?! My precious, sweethearts were urinating from across the restroom!??! Why??? I asked a teacher across the hall if she knew of the mayhem that went on while I was gone...yep, she did. She thought it was funny and maybe we could make it into a math lesson...calculating trajectory, etc. Gross!

Well, this short story has nothing to do with babywearing, but I hope you enjoyed it and maybe got a chuckle out of it, anyway!

*names have been changed

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