Thursday, February 28, 2008

Give Thanks!

Today was my one year appointment with my Hematologist. One year ago, I went back to the ER nine days after my daughter was born. The diagnosis was DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis...a blood clot). More people die from DVTs and PEs (Pulmonary Embolism--when the blood clot travels to the heart or lungs) than from Breast Cancer, AIDS and traffic accidents combined. Over the last year, I have learned a lot about DVTs and what can cause them. What caused mine was a gene called Factor V Leiden, pregnancy and an emergency C-Section combined.

At my visit, my doctor decided to let me come off of coumadin, the drug I have been on for the last year. Coumadin keeps your blood thin, so that you won't get another clot. I am extremely thankful to be off of this drug for so many reasons. One is that, I can get pregnant again (when we decide the time is right)! If you're on coumadin, it is not recommended that you get pregnant as it causes facial deformities.

However, now that I have had one clot and I tested positive for the gene that predisposes me to getting blood clots, I will have to inject myself each day with blood thinners during any pregnancies in the future for the length of the pregnancy and 6 weeks post partum. It's no fun doing this, but a baby is MORE than worth it! Plus, because of my DVT, I discovered a new passion...babywearing!

Again, I'm so thankful that I was able to have my daughter safely, get to the hospital to receive treatment in a timely manner and now for being able to get off of this drug! God is good!


30 Minute Mommy said...

You are very strong! I have always had a fear of blood clots. Glad to hear you are off of the meds!

Amber said...

Thanks for the should have seen me whine when I was in bed and couldn't walk though!

tara said...

YAAAY! Of course I knew this - but it is GREAT to rejoice w/ you again! LOVE you!