Friday, February 15, 2008

Heavenly Hold

We are officially open for business! I've realized my dream of starting a business...I have been an entrepreneur my entire life. Some of my past businesses have included: Selling pumpkins that my Dad and I grew, door-to-door, selling my chickens eggs door-to-door, "The Nutcrackers"selling plain and candied walnuts with my friend, Tara. The walnuts came from her backyard. Perhaps one of the most interesting businesses I had was a Detective Agency...ummm, well, that one never really materialized....BUT, Heavenly Hold has. Please check us out: I'm currently offering FREE shipping on all baby carriers. Save us to your favorites!


Kanston said...

Good job in starting your business

Amber said...

Thanks, Karriem! Go Wildcats (Griffins)!