Monday, May 26, 2008

Action Baby Carrier is here!!

The much anticipated new Soft Structured Baby Carrier is at Heavenly Hold! I have been getting phone calls and PM's and emails like crazy about this new carrier. It's made by the same couple that makes the Active Mom Carriers. It has the same fantastic features, but it's made for summertime's super cool and breathable!

The Action Baby Carrier has a waist that will go from 28-54 inches without a waist extender. It has a sleeping hood for sleepy little ones. The webbing in the waist belt is super supportive and can hold your newborn up to 35 lbs. You can wear the Action Baby Carrier on your front, your back or your hip...whichever you (or your baby) prefers!

Another great feature of this new carrier is the PRICE! There are Soft Structured Carriers that go upwards of $160!!! Most are around the $100 mark at minimum. The new Action Baby Carrier comes in three different solids: Navy, Chocolate, or Olive (all with coordinating khaki) for $79 and three patterns: Larissa (black straps), So Square (black straps) and Spring Breeze (navy straps) for $89.

Hope you'll check out the Action Baby Carrier at Heavenly Hold!


Momma On The Go said...

Thanks for the info! I wasn't into baby wearing the first time around. Probably because the only carrier I had was an Evenflo thing that killed my back. The new baby isn't even here yet and I already have a Peanut Shell and have registered for an organic Mei sling that just started being sold at Babies R' Us. i think this is the beginning of my latest obsession!

Amber said...

This WILL NOT kill your's awesome, and yes, babywearing can become an obsession!!

I've officially sold out of the solids, but have already reordered more!!