Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Couple Time Tales

Adrian and I came home from work REALLY missing Kaelin yesterday. We both had called SIL to check on her (and of course, she was fine) during the day.

We went to a movie (our first one since her birth) and we saw "Vantage Point," a suspenseful, mystery with Dennis Quaid and Forrest Whittaker. It's not a brand new release, but we only paid 75 cents each to see the movie! We have this fun theater near our old house called The Picture Show and it's normally $1.50, but on Tuesday's it's only 75 cents! Cool. We shared a suicide Icee during the movie and really enjoyed it. At the end of the movie, my phone vibrated and I freaked out, but it was just my Aunt Randi in Nevada, so I tried to get my heart to stop racing and enjoy the end of the movie.

After the movie we stopped at Home Depot and got some sand for guess who's new sand table...Yes, we were thinking about our little darling! We also called again on the way home to check. She was still up at 9pm, but SIL said she was happy (they had just gotten home from the awards banquet). Adrian and I even took a late night walk around the block before bed. It felt really weird to be walking the neightborhood without my girl.

I'll get to see her after school today...can't wait!!


Andrea said...

I'm glad you had a good time with your hubby...but it's amazing how much these little people become such a huge part of our lives, huh? I know I am going to miss Tate like crazy when I have to go into the hospital to give birth!!

Dana said...

i've been wanting to see Vantage POint..
I'm glad you had fun with your Hubs!

Danielle said...

75 cents is a steal. That is awesome. Glad you had some nice couple time. It is sooo important.

Pam said...

while it was hard to be away, I am glad you had a good time. Wow! a 75 cent movie! that is great. I might even go to a movie then ;) Yeah for the couple time and yeah for seeing your precious one again today.

Mommy Mechanics said...

Sounds like fun. I know how it is, it feels so good to have that time with your husband but then when you get it you both spend the whole time talking about your little one and missing them. Glad you had a nice time.

Amber said...

I thought of Kaelin constantly, but it was great to get out with Adrian! I'm thankful for my SIL!