Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sleep Away Camp

Tonight will be Kaelin's first night away from us...(other than the time I was hospitalized after her birth for my DVT!). My husband's sister takes care of her and she will be taking Kaelin to a senior awards night for their other sister and then they will be spending the night at Kaelin's grandmother's house. Daddy woke up with a high level of separation anxiety and started ticking off all the things his sister would have to take. He carried Kaelin's bathtub, bathtoys, diapers, wipes, books, toys, pack and play, and all kinds of other baby paraphernalia downstairs. He loaded all of it in his sister's car including the stroller. Then he made sure that I had written instructions for everything that she might need. Keep in mind that his sister takes care of Kaelin all day, everyday so she is very knowledgeable of all things Kaelin.

Last night Kaelin (finally) started to get her fourth bottom tooth, so she was restless and I ended up giving her Tylenol so she could get to sleep...of course, he started worrying that it might not be a good night for her to be away because of this.

I have really mixed emotions...I am going to miss her TO PIECES, but I'm not anxious about her being with my sister in law. I have the utmost confidence in her abilities and Kaelin LOVES her. So, I will really miss Kaelin, but I think it will be nice to get our first "date" night in. We seriously haven't been together on an outing or even had any time for just the two of us since Kaelin was born. Heck, we might get crazy and even go to the movies on a (gasp!) school night!


Andrea said...

I know the feeling. We have never left Tate with anyone for a long period of time...I mean long as in more than 1 hr.! Sooo, it is going to be very nerve wracking for me when I go into labor and we have to leave Tate with someone else...I am the one making lists and checking things twice all the time now! :) I'm sure it will be fine though...and I'm sure Kaelin will be fine too. Have a great date night!!

Lori said...

the first time I left Blake was very hard. I was lucky enough to be able to leave him here at the house (hubby and I were staying at a hotel for the night)This made life easier as I knew he would be in his own bed with his own stuff!

you will all do fine and you will enjoy the night away

Lori said...

check out my blog... I tagged you for a meme!

charlie&gracie said...

Yay for a date night! I hope y'all have a blast! kaelin will do great!

Pam said...

I understand how you feel! In July hubby and I are going to a wedding out of town. So the kids will be staying with my mom. While I am excited for some adult time and hubby time, I am sad to leave the kids overnight.

Hope it all goes well! Enjoy your night!

Colon Therapist + Blogger said...

It's a great choice to spend time alone with your husband. It's a right moment to take a break. You are definitely going to miss your baby. But you are going to enjoy the date at the same time too. Hope you enjoy and really have fun.