Friday, May 23, 2008

Teething Bling!

If you have a baby, you're going to be going through times of teething, unavoidably. I (being the silly first time mother I am) thought that since Kaelin had gotten her top 4 teeth and 3 on the bottom months and months ago, I thought that the worst was behind us. You know drooling, whining, gnawing, biting, clinging...that sort of fun stuff!

But, no, the worst of teething was not behind us. She's getting her fourth tooth on the bottom now and it's a doozy! AND, from what I hear, the molars (which she could be getting at any time) could be worse!

Enter, Teething Bling by Smart Mom Jewelry. This innovative line of jewelry allows you to actually wear some, and let's your child have a teething toy nearby at the same time.

Teething Bling is 100% lead and BPA free and completely non toxic. The jewelry looks like real stones, but it is actually made from teething material! I have several pieces and LOVE it! I had given up on wearing necklaces, but these are fabulous. The bangles also work well to slip off and hand over to Kaelin when she needs a distraction or something to gnaw on. Please click over to Heavenly Hold and check out our Teething Bling!


Pam said...


Dana said...

these look so great.. And so stylish!

Andrea said...

Teething really stinks. Trust me...those molars are BAD! Tate is getting two for sure...and I think two more are coming on the other side too...and you've probably read about it on my blog...but yeah...he is NOT a happy camper. Poor 'lil guy.

Danielle said...

I have a necklace and a bracelet from this company! Eliza loves the bracelet and the necklace is great for when we go out. I used it to distract her during her last round of vaccinations. Yay for teething bling.

Anonymous said... also sells teething bling.