Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pacific Ocean for the First Time

We all went to Santa Cruz, CA on Sunday. It was Kaelin's first time in the ocean and ironically, she got in the Pacific before the Atlantic!

Jordan found a cliff to climb and Kaelin found a hole to get into. Enjoy the pictures. We're headed to Lake Tahoe Thursday and then to my family's dude ranch and to visit my aunt and uncle in rural Nevada after that.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Time With My Parents

It has been so great to share Kaelin with my parents...since we live so far apart (Georgia-California) they don't get to see her on a regular basis. Kaelin chages a lot between visits. She was timid around my mom and dad initially, but has really warmed up and gives them hugs and kisses when she's in the mood, now!

We've been spending a lot of time outside with her and here she is with my mom and in the pool my dad got for her. She's a Californian at heart--loving the outdoors!

Miss keeping up with all my readers! I'll catch up with you in a couple of weeks!


Monday, June 16, 2008

A Bra Fitting

One of the first things my mom said to me when she first saw me was, "Wow...your boobs seem a lot smaller!"

Thanks, Mom. Yep...they do seem smaller to me, too, since Kaelin was weaned. Smaller than they were even before I was pregnant. Not that they were sizeable to begin with.

She wanted us to go get bra fittings at Victoria's Secret (to rub it in) and we did this last week. She's ALWAYS been really small, but guess who has a larger cup size now?!? Yep... my Mom!

I measured at a 34 A and she measured at a 32 B!!! Anyone else's bust get smaller after nursing?

I'm doing my best with the blog, here, but it's limited computer access. DH and DSS get here Wednesday! Can't wait!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

California Dreamin'

We're here in Newman and enjoying ourselves. The flight went VERY well. I kept Kaelin occupied for about 45 minutes and then tried to get her to go to sleep on me...no luck. She was really tired but distracted by all the people around her (we did not get an extra seat for her and her car seat). I begrudgingly gave her some Benadryl and then took her to the back of the plane in the flight attendant area and just rocked her. She was out like a light! She slept on me for a good TWO HOURS!

We walked up and down the aisle of the plane LOTS of times. She was extremely curious to find out what was behind that curtain in the front of the plane (first class). I felt like they were hiding the "Great Oz" back there. Everytime she'd try to snatch the curtain, I would swoop her up and she'd start kicking her legs and complaining. Does she already know what first class is?

We had lots of snacks, new toys to play with, and unfortunately an old man's hair to pull in front of us. At the end of the flight I was exhausted, but I got several compliments on how well behaved Kaelin was!

I met two really sweet ladies on the flight. One was from San Francisco and coming home and she noticed me wearing Kaelin right away and asked about the carrier. It was my Action Baby Carrier. She had a 7 month old son and was already a babywearer!! How cool?! She got on Heavenly Hold on the plane ordered herself a carrier straight away. She got the pretty Larissa print.

Then I met another lady who was sooo excited because she was on her way with her husband and son to adopt her new daughter from China! They were all from Georgia, too. I got to chat a lot with this lady because she sat near Kaelin and I. It was cool because her daughter was 13 mos...very close to Kaelin's age and we chatted a lot about babies.

I'm working on getting Kaelin on Pacific time and she's doing well so far...I'll check in when I can with pics of our doings and travels!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Airport and Travel Strategy

Tomorrow, Kaelin and I will be on a flight from Atlanta to San Francisco to visit my parents in my sweet hometown of Newman, CA! We're soooo excited. The Grands haven't seen Kaelins since October and my Grandma hasn't seen her since she was 5 months old!!

What I'm not excited about is travelling alone with a toddler. I do have a strategy, though! This is what I'll be doing to move throughout the airport: Wearing Kaelin on my back in the Action Baby Carrier, pushing our stroller and inside the stroller will be the carseat and the diaper bag. Sounds like a plan, huh!? I'm sure I'll be a sight! The ABC will be a real help in the airport.

While I'm on the plane, I'm going to put her on my front in the Action Baby Carrier if she's fussy and won't sleep. She may sleep on my chest that way. My last resort (already OK'd by the pediatrician) is to give her some Benadryl...I hate to do this, though!

We have a 5 hour direct flight, so pray for our safe travel on Wednesday! Thanks!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Are You a "Wrapper?"

No, I'm not talking about the guys that degrade women with their so called "poetry" in song. I'm talking about babywearing, folks! Wrapping is another way to wear your baby, and a very popular method at that.

I never thought I was a wrapper, but one day popped my Bundleboo DVD in and tried it and I really liked it! I recently got a new wrap sample from "Wrap 'n Wear" to try as I just added their product to Heavenly Hold. I LOVED it! I again, followed their instructional DVD and it was super easy. I was front cross carrying before I knew it. I thought my little one was too old for this position, but she proved me wrong as you can see in the pictures! And this was our very first attempt!

Wrap 'n Wear was also very lightweight as it is made from 100% crinkle cotton which is gauze-like material. I also really liked the printed panel in the front, but Wrap 'n Wear also comes in solids.

I recently brought this wrap with me on a babywearing consulting appointment and the mama tried mine on....and bought mine!! So I actually no longer have this gorgeous wrap, but got one equally as pretty in a print called Madison which is brown with pink and green paisleys.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

More Backyard Fun

We are trying to work on our backyard to make it more of the vast wasteland that it is! I'll be updating you on our ongoing makeover.

We just got this pool from Target. It is so much fun! Kaelin loves being in the water even if it's ice cold! I even got in with her last week. The pool was just under $20 and came with a palm tree canopy that sprays water down, if you want it to.

Kaelin had so much fun. If you don't have much of a backyard, like us, this is a great little addition!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Kids and Babywearing

My stepson Jordan has observed me wearing Kaelin quite often. He was asking quite a few questions about my stash, so I asked him if he wanted to try wearing her. He enthusiastically responded, "Sure!" Keep in mind he is 13, but only weighs 67 lbs. Kaelin is 21 lbs.

He tried on my AMC II (Active Mom Carrier) and we adjusted it ALL the way down in the hips and the shoulders and, it fit him! He loved wearing her and she loved it too. We had to make a trip to the bathroom so they could both see themselves in the mirror!

Yesterday, I tried to put on my Ergo to do some mopping in the kitchen. I noticed that my Ergo was suspiciously small...Did I lose some weight? Nope! Hmmmm....

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Pool Fun!

Today Jordan (DSS) and Kaelin and I went to a neighborhood across the way to visit our friend Bennett and his mama, Amy. We took our friends from our neighborhood, Steph, Gracie and Charlie.

We all met at Amy and Bennett's pool for a picnic lunch and some swimming. It was GREAT! I wish we had a pool in our neighborhood! I got Kaelin her very own little float that looks like a flower. It has a canopy to keep her shaded and a mesh surrounding piece that you can put toys on! She was happy in it for a bit, but then wanted to do some more pool exploring. I dunked her twice and she did fine. Steph gave me a tip I hadn't heard of: Count 1, 2, 3! Then blow in the baby's face. This will cause them to take a breath before you dunk them. I did it with Kaelin and it worked. I also started her jumping in from the side of the pool (with help, of course!).

She is napping HARD right now. She pretty much crashed when we got home. Swimming is the best way to get a baby to sleep well!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Babywearing in the Summer

Let's face it. Babywearing is not the coolest activity in the world at any time in the year. You get hot from carrying around an extra 5-35 lbs and you get hot from the body heat of that little person you're wearing.

Heavenly Hold is offering some warm weather babywearing options and they're VERY popular!

1. Solarveil Ring Sling by TaylorMade- a thin fabric that actually has UVA/UVB ray protection. Can be worn in the pool as well and dries quickly. $47

2. Water Mesh Ring Sling by TaylorMade - mesh fabric, no sun protection, but works well for showering with baby, and in the pool. $37

3. Action Baby Carrier - made from 100% cotton twill. Body is unpadded for maximum breathability. A soft structured carrier priced from $79-$89.

4. Wrap 'n Wear - a wrap baby carrier that is made from 100% crinkle cotton. Crinkle cotton is a thin, gauze-like fabric that has a little bit of one way stretch. $50-$55

So, if you enjoy wearing your baby, there is no need to halt until cooler weather comes! Enjoy being close to your baby even in the summertime heat!

Monday, June 2, 2008

We Have a Winner!

Yesterday, my husband helped me out by spending over an hour creating a program to pick a random winner from my spreadsheet of 289 entries. Lots of babywearers entered to win a baby carrier from Heavenly Hold! Thanks for all your entries!

When he finished, we had a winner.....Christa! #172...she won an Ellaroo organic Mei Tai in the Pismo print...Christa, where are you? I emailed you this morning! Congratulations! If anyone has ideas for more contest or promotions, let me know...I'm happy to hear what your idea is!