Monday, June 9, 2008

Are You a "Wrapper?"

No, I'm not talking about the guys that degrade women with their so called "poetry" in song. I'm talking about babywearing, folks! Wrapping is another way to wear your baby, and a very popular method at that.

I never thought I was a wrapper, but one day popped my Bundleboo DVD in and tried it and I really liked it! I recently got a new wrap sample from "Wrap 'n Wear" to try as I just added their product to Heavenly Hold. I LOVED it! I again, followed their instructional DVD and it was super easy. I was front cross carrying before I knew it. I thought my little one was too old for this position, but she proved me wrong as you can see in the pictures! And this was our very first attempt!

Wrap 'n Wear was also very lightweight as it is made from 100% crinkle cotton which is gauze-like material. I also really liked the printed panel in the front, but Wrap 'n Wear also comes in solids.

I recently brought this wrap with me on a babywearing consulting appointment and the mama tried mine on....and bought mine!! So I actually no longer have this gorgeous wrap, but got one equally as pretty in a print called Madison which is brown with pink and green paisleys.


Danielle said...

oooh the green is so pretty. Myabe I can sneak and get one. :) I will let DH golf and he will be in agreat mood. The I will go on the computer and get myself one.

Andrea said...

I loooove wraps! ;) Especially for newborns. They are my absolute favorite for newborns and babies that can't hold their heads up by themselves yet! yay for wraps and wrapping! ;)