Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Babywearing in the Summer

Let's face it. Babywearing is not the coolest activity in the world at any time in the year. You get hot from carrying around an extra 5-35 lbs and you get hot from the body heat of that little person you're wearing.

Heavenly Hold is offering some warm weather babywearing options and they're VERY popular!

1. Solarveil Ring Sling by TaylorMade- a thin fabric that actually has UVA/UVB ray protection. Can be worn in the pool as well and dries quickly. $47

2. Water Mesh Ring Sling by TaylorMade - mesh fabric, no sun protection, but works well for showering with baby, and in the pool. $37

3. Action Baby Carrier - made from 100% cotton twill. Body is unpadded for maximum breathability. A soft structured carrier priced from $79-$89.

4. Wrap 'n Wear - a wrap baby carrier that is made from 100% crinkle cotton. Crinkle cotton is a thin, gauze-like fabric that has a little bit of one way stretch. $50-$55

So, if you enjoy wearing your baby, there is no need to halt until cooler weather comes! Enjoy being close to your baby even in the summertime heat!


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Ah! You just reminded me that I need a mesh water sling before baby comes! Why do I keep forgetting?? I can't live without it- perfect for the shower. Great list of babywearing for the summer slings!


Genny said...

My babies are in elementary school now, but I wish I had that when they were tiny! Looks comfortable. Thanks for stopping by!

Dana said...

i'll have to tell danielle to stop by and check these out!

Andrea said...

I am still coveting a solarveil or a mesh sling!! Maybe I can convince my hubby to get me one for my b-day in few weeks! ;)

Mommy Mechanics said...

These look great. I need one for sure. It just gets so hot here those look nice and cool.