Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Babywearing: All About Pouch Slings

Everyone knows that I'm a big babywearing advocate. One of my first ways I learned to wear my baby was with a pouch sling (that I made). A pouch sling may just be the simplest way to wear your baby. It's simply a pouch that you pop your baby into. It must be specifically sized to you. There is not much adjusting and you probably can't share this kind of carrier with your hubby.
But there are several pros to a pouch carrier! You can fold it up really small and just keep it in the diaper bag for when you need it. It won't take up much space at all. You can also wear a pouch sling from birth all the way through toddlerhood. When you have a new baby, it's great to use the cradle carry and let them even sleep while being worn. Heck! That was the only way I could get my colicky little fuss-monster to calm down. The sling was a lifesaver back then!As your baby grows, he or she won't want to be in the cradle carry. You can also wear them tummy to tummy or in the kangaroo carry (legs folded and baby facing out---a fav with babes who love to face out!). Into toddlerhood, you can also wear your little one on your hip with your pouch sling. At Heavenly Hold, I carry Slinglings brand pouch slings. Slinglings are made in Seattle, WA and are a very affordable babywearing option! $37 for unpadded and $45 for padded. There are instructions and sizing information for pouch slings at www.heavenlyhold.com. Happy Babywearing!!


Andrea said...

Great post...I always seem to have trouble getting a newborn into the pouch though...it just never seems to work right...any hints? I love it for the hip carry though once they get older

Genny said...

Those are very seriously the cutest baby slings I've seen!