Friday, July 4, 2008

Croquet Girl

Aiming for her winning shot.

Jordan, Kevin (my brother) and Kaelin posing.

Anyone know any single women 25-28-ish for my brother? He's a great guy!!

" That was not my best shot! Do over!"

We played quite a bit of Croquet with my fam while we were with them...just for fun after dinner in the evenings. Jordan loved it and my Grandma got pretty competitive, too. Another croquet lover we discovered was Kaelin!! She had so much fun chattering to the players and carrying around a mallet.

One night my Mom and Dad got pretty competitive...and my Mom won! But her victory was short lived, because the next night, I beat her!


Danielle said...

adorable! Her face is priceless. Thanks for the business cards.

Dana said...

wow... look how big she got!! I can't believe it!! She really is sooo cute!

Love the pics...

Genny said...

Oh that is so cute!

Momma On The Go said...

Great pics! She is so cute!