Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sleepy Wraps are here!

I just added Sleepy Wraps to Heavenly Hold! These stretchy wraps are great for mamas with newborn babies and are wonderful wraps to learn on as the stretchiness makes them very forgiving! They are also great baby carriers to nurse in!

Sleepy Wraps are a little different from Moby's as they aren't make from T-shirt material and they won't stretch or bag out. Sleepy Wrap are $34 at Heavenly Hold and here is a cute little promo I made for them on Check the site out if you have a few minutes! It's too much fun!


Andrea said...

Wraps are SOOO awesome - especially for newborns. I use mine every's actually pretty dirty, but I just can't bear to wash it because that means I have to go a day without wearing Emily in it! hehe. :)

Dana said...

I actually just received a sleepy wrap in tan to review from the company... I'm going to try it out on the lil guy I sit for.. I bet he'll love it!