Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hand Me Downs are the Best!

I LOVE hand me downs! Adrian is hand me down phobic (aka germaphobe) but I love 'em! I have been so fortunate to have a friend that has two daughters older than Kaelin. She has been so generous to share toys, clothes and other baby items with us. She says her (baby) factory is CLOSED! haha!

Kaelin's entire outfit is from my friend and her zebra is as well! I'm thankful for her generosity everyday! I hope to pass these items along to someone else once my factory is closed (I hope not for a while!). Thanks, Sue!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Locked Out!

My first time ever...honest! Kaelin and I were playing outside all afternoon yesterday because the weather was so pleasantly cool...I guess because of Fay? Adrian had gone to the University of Georgia for the day to visit his sister. I went inside to grab a carrier to pop Kaelin into because I felt like taking a stroll through the neighborhood and ooops!! The door to the kitchen was locked...and so was every other door! I went across the street to my neighbor's house and this was how she answered the door with an annoyed look on her face, "What do you need?" Mind you it had just started to sprinkle! No "hi!" "nice to see ya!" just "what do you need?" I just asked to use the phone to call Adrian to see how close he was. He wasn't close at all. I didn't feel welcome at the neighbor's so I went next door to our bachelor (soon to be married) neighbor who asked me if I was PG again b/c he said my stomach looked big!! I know, men! Anyway, he wasn't home. Luckily, our best neighborhood buddies were! Thank heavens! I had a friend to talk to and Kaelin had her friend Gracie to play with! Thanks for saving the day, friends!

Have you ever locked yourself out...or am I the only one?

Friday, August 22, 2008


In case you can't read this little ad I created on (that site is soo much fun) I'm doing a free shipping promo Fri, Sat and Sun on ALL items on my site. So, even if you just buy one Teething Bling necklace, you get it shipped to you for free! Just use the code: SHIP4FREE during checkout.

Monday, August 18, 2008

A Woman Obsessed...with Shoes!

I'm not talking about myself...I'm super happy with the hand-me-down flips flops I scored from my Grandma this summer! I'm talking about Kaelin. She just LOVES putting on her shoes, my shoes, dad's shoes, anyone's shoes! Some days first thing in the morning, she brings me her shoes while still in her PJ's and says, "Shoe-zie's? Shoe-zie's?"

When she actually gets my flip flops on with the toe separater in the correct place, it looks like she's walking around with snowshoes on! It's pretty funny!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Another New Baby Carrier....Scootababy!

Scootababy San Francisco print

Scootababy Twentynine Palms print

I'm sure you'll all bored with all my baby carriers, but I just have to share this new one! Scootababy is a baby carrier made specifically for carrying a baby on the hip. At first I's not worth it, because it's not versatile...but, I've since changed my mind! It is THE most comfortable carrier!

Most hip carriers will hurt your back after carrying a heavy baby in that position for a while (not nearly as bad as carrying a baby without a carrier, but still). Scootababy is great for wearing your baby in the hip position for longer periods of time. You can use this carrier from 5 months of age all the way through 40 lbs. Terrific for toddlerwearing. The shoulder is slightly stretchy and is lined with fleece and it cups the shoulder. The waist pad is lined with quilting fabric and the seat is molded to fit your baby just right.

I don't have a pic of me wearing Kaelin in Scootababy Baby Carrier yet, but I will. I'm trying to decide which print is my fav...Twentynine Palms or San Francisco?

These carriers are BRAND new to the babywearing market...well, at least the prints are. Before, Scootababy only came in basic black and one other print. And, of course, you can get them at Heavenly Hold...and they ship for free!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Babywearing Show

Hi y'all! I've been soooo busy starting school and getting ready for the Athens Baby and Maternity Faire which was Saturday. I am doing my best to make Heavenly Hold a success! DH was a HUGE support this whole week and weekend in helping me get ready. I was busy at work and there were so many preparations to make. I got a banner made for my booth at the Baby Faire, and guess what? The name of my business was spelled WRONG!! Heavanly Hold!! Adrian and I did a quick fix, but luckily, I'm getting a new one for the future.

Adrian picked me up from work with Kaelin and all my stuff on Friday afternoon. He had even organized my buckle carriers, wraps and slings and he even used the correct babywearing "terminology".

The fair was great fun. I did demos and helped mamas try on carrier samples all day! I had a sore throat at the end of the day from talking so much! I had a successful day and sold several carriers and lots of Teething Bling. I hope that many other mamas will babywear after getting to try carriers out at the fair.

By the way, I'm offering free shipping on all Wrap 'n Wear until August's a great summertime wrap!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Back to School....Already?

Yes, I've gone back to school today for teacher planning..yuck! The kids come back next Monday. Does it seem early to anyone else?

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hey! I'm Over Here Today!

Danielle is having fun on her vacation and she asked me to Guest Blog for fun! So...I'm over here today! Follow me, please?