Sunday, August 10, 2008

Babywearing Show

Hi y'all! I've been soooo busy starting school and getting ready for the Athens Baby and Maternity Faire which was Saturday. I am doing my best to make Heavenly Hold a success! DH was a HUGE support this whole week and weekend in helping me get ready. I was busy at work and there were so many preparations to make. I got a banner made for my booth at the Baby Faire, and guess what? The name of my business was spelled WRONG!! Heavanly Hold!! Adrian and I did a quick fix, but luckily, I'm getting a new one for the future.

Adrian picked me up from work with Kaelin and all my stuff on Friday afternoon. He had even organized my buckle carriers, wraps and slings and he even used the correct babywearing "terminology".

The fair was great fun. I did demos and helped mamas try on carrier samples all day! I had a sore throat at the end of the day from talking so much! I had a successful day and sold several carriers and lots of Teething Bling. I hope that many other mamas will babywear after getting to try carriers out at the fair.

By the way, I'm offering free shipping on all Wrap 'n Wear until August's a great summertime wrap!


Pam said...

glad it was a good showing for you!!

Good luck with the school year starting!

Dana said...

i know this is a busy time of year for us teachers...

glad your show went well!! And way to go to your DH for being a big help!

Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

I hope they give you a new sign at no cost! That's not good!

Glad to hear that it was successful. Just keep getting your name out there, that's what I have found to be the best self-marketing tool!