Sunday, September 7, 2008

My Blessed Baby Mei Tai

My Blessed Baby is a half buckle mei tai that I began carrying at the end of July. I've gotten a really great response from babywearers from this new carrier. It's truly the best of both worlds for those that love mei tais and buckle carriers. This carrier has a waist buckle (no mei tai straps dragging on the ground) and it has shoulder straps for maximum adjustability.

My Blessed Baby comes in some really neat prints...some are Amy Butler fabrics. They are also made in organics! This baby carrier also has a hidden pocket to hold a diaper and it has a place to velcro a toy or a pacifier.

Lastly, you can also get this mei tai PERSONALIZED!! How cool is that? You can get your baby's monogram, name or nickname embroidried on the headrest. You can also add a detachable sleeping hood for an extra $20.


Andrea said...

I LOVE the design of that mei tai!! It's so pretty!

Momma On The Go said...

I've been wanting to add a mei-tei to my collection. This one is so pretty!

Danielle said...

I have seen thes ebeing used. Very cool. I am not a fan of the dragging straps!

Bella @ Lil Daisies said...

Amy Butler designs are fabulous! I love her stuff! I have a friend here locally that is selling all sort of baby carriers too. In fact, I just modeled for her recently. I shared about it on my blog! :-)

Hope all is going well for you. I thought I would check in her...since I haven't commented for awhile.
Take care!


Dana said...

love the pattern!

SaraLynn said...

AWWW So cool!
I love the designs!!