Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Corn Bag Critters have arrived!!

I have added these cute, furry Corn Bag Critters to Heavenly Hold this week. Not only are they cute, but they serve a purpose! These critters are a homeopathic alternative to the electric heating pad. When you have pain from arthritis, fibromyalgia, backaches, earaches, etc. you can pop the insert (not the cover) into the microwave and heat these corn bag up! They will retain their heat up to 1-2 hours.

These items can also be used to replace ice packs and be put in the freezer. The cases (or the critters) are 8 inches in diameter and made from chenille cotton, so they're soft to cuddle with. I can't wait to try one out because I've always wondered about putting something on me that was plugged into the wall (I'm paranoid about radon and the like!).


Dana said...

they are sooo adorable!!

Danielle said...

how cute!

Sue said...

Back in my lamaze class, we used a sock filled with stuff to stick in the microwave. SOOO, these Corn Bag Critters could be great for expectant moms that have back aches. Then, when baby arrives, they can be used, too. What a great idea!