Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Monkey Joe's

I took Kaelin to Monkey Joe's for the first time several weeks back. I thought she would really like it since she's starting to love play structures and she LOVES to bounce on things (beds, couches, tramplines, etc). Overall, I was unimpressed by MJ's...I will probably wait a while to go back. We got there right when it opened and shortly thereafter, it was crowded and really LOUD!

Luckily, we got in for FREE, because our neighbor stopped us before we left and gave us his pass!!! This race car ride was Kaelin's favorite thing. She really loves to drive! If you put a quarter in, the race car would move back and forth, but I didn't even put the quarter in and she was happy as a clam! If nothing else, we had free entertainment for an hour!!


Tracy said...

Kaelin looked like she had fun!

Andrea said...

That looks like so much fun - and the pictures are adorable too!

Missy said...

I don't know exactly what Monkey Joe's is, but we have a place here with bouncy houses, and tons of toys for the preschool set - my kids love it, but it is almost always so crazy busy there that I don't even like to go anymore.