Saturday, October 4, 2008

New Action Baby Carrier Prints have arrived!!!

This is Cascade and it's my favorite!! I love the earthy green straps and sleeping hood.

Yeah! They're here! And they're gorgeous. This season's prints have a Pacific Northwest theme to them. They are Amy Butler prints and are named for the majestic Northwest. They are earthy and gender neutral. AND...they're available and in stock now at Heavenly Hold.

They are still the great soft structured carrier at a great price ($89). They can still carry a newborn through a 45 lb. toddler. They can still be worn on the front, hip or back, but now, they're just sooo cute!!

The Action Baby Carrier is also available in solid chocolate (with complimentary khaki) and solid olive (with complimentary khaki) for $79.

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Dana said...

they look so cute!!