Sunday, November 16, 2008

Scootababy Baby Carrier vs. Mei Hip Baby Carrier

Ellaroo Mei Hip Baby Carrier
Scootababy Hip Carrier

So many people have asked the question about which of these two carriers are best. Of course, the answer depends on the person and what their specific babywearing needs are. Both of these carriers are meant to be used on the babywearer's hip. So, if you have a baby that prefers to ride on your hip...look no further!

The Ellaroo Mei Hip Baby Carrier is an organic baby carrier. It is unstructured. By this I mean that the waist and strap that goes over the shoulder is floppy and not stiff. A positive of this is that you don't feel restricted with the Mei Hip and it folds up small. A negative of this is that it doesn't give you as much support as a structured carrier. You can wear the Mei Hip with babies that are only a few weeks old-toddlerhood.

The Scootababy Hip Carrier is made from super high quality materials....malden mills fleece and large, custom buckles. Scootababy is a structured carrier. This means that the waist on the Scootababy Baby Carrier has some stiffness to it (and bulk) in order to distribute the weight of your baby between your shoulder, back and hips/waist. The pro of this is that your baby will feel lighter because of the structured waist, but a con is that it's a little more restrictive for the babywearer and it makes the carrier not as easy to fold up and stuff in a diaper bag. The Scootababy Hip Carrier is made to be used with babies 5 months old-toddlerhood.

I have both carriers and I can say that they both have their purposes. Right now, Kaelin is going through a "no baby carrier/babywearing" stage (cry). She'll rarely let me put her on my back, but she will let me put her on my hip and the Scootababy is the carrier that I reach for. I can even go for a walk around the block and not have an achy shoulder or neck when I'm wearing the Scootababy. I know that it's from the structured waist on the Scootababy.

Both Scootababy and the Mei Hip are available at Heavenly Hold and if you find one of them (or any other carrier) that you like, I'm currently allowing customers to put carriers on layaway and pay a little each week for however many weeks they need. I realize that carriers are expensive, but they shouldn't have to be a luxury far as I'm concerned, they're a neccessary baby item!


Missy said...

Happy Monday Amber! I have awarded you on my blog, just wanted to let you know..

Andrea said...

That's interesting to know! I've been wondering about this actually...although I don't have either of these carriers...yet. :)

Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

are the straps adjustable? I love the mei hip carrier, as Ladybug prefers riding on my hip. But I'm plus size and I didn't see any size info on your website.

i might have to put this on my Christmas wish list!

Zusseq said...

Both baby carriers are cool and comfortable... will prefer Scootababy carrier

Kim said...

I am planning to purchase the Scootababy in the Versailles print. I was wondering if it is actually in stock and how quickly it can ship.

trying4two at gmail dot com