Saturday, January 31, 2009

Peekaru on Sale

Peekaru is a great way to be able to babywear in the winter. The Peekaru is a vest made from 85% recycled high quality Polartec fleece. It is a babywearing vest that fits over your carrier and still allows your baby to see out. It can be worn on the front or the back. It fits over any mei tai or soft structured carrier. The Peekaru comes in five colors: black, gray, blue, green or lavendar and 4 sizes: S, M, L, and XL. The green is my favorite! These baby carrier coats are now 20% off at Heavenly Hold.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pee Pee in the Potty!

Kaelin has started REALLY becoming interested in the potty. She has been going potty in it at night around her bathtime, but this past weekend, she hardly wet a diaper! This was a shock for me! I am not sure I was ready, but I was taking her up and down those stairs constantly! We will probably not go full force potty training until I can be home with her for an extended amount of time, though.

If she pees in the potty she gets one M & M (which she refers to as "nani" aka candy). She was really proud of herself over the weekend and proclaimed, "Yeah, I did it!"

Now, I'd like to start getting her some trainers...I am not excited about getting Pull Ups. My favorite so far are Blueberry's! But they're EXPENSIVE!! I'm also looking at the Snap Ez and some on Etsy....any thoughts to share with me about potty training?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Close Call....

Today I am truly thankful for my daughter's safety and health. I always am, but especially today. I am thankful for my Savior, family and happiness. Yesterday I was bumming because my DH has been working late (a lot) lately and this has made my days extra long with lots of driving to get Kaelin at my cousin's and such....and I was bummed because the LCD screen on my digital camera cracked and broke...but today...who cares about those things?

When I got home today, I parked the car in the garage and carried Kaelin and as much stuff as I could in the house. I left Kaelin in the house (as I always do) and went back out to make multiple more trips to get everything else. When I tried to come back in the through the garage door, I discovered the door to be took me about 10 seconds or maybe more to actually digest the fact that I was locked out and my toddler was inside...without me....all alone. I started to jet across the street to use the neighbor's phone, but I felt my phone in my pocket and frantically dialed Adrian at work. Surprisingly, he was very calm and helpful to me. I thought he would freak out and start out being upset at me, but he wasn't. He even tried to calm me down and instructed me to stay by the door and keep talking to Kaelin.

Kaelin stayed by the door and kept talking to me and she sounded fine except for a few times. A few times she began whimpering and I had to keep my voice from shaking. THANK Goodness Adrian happened to leave work "early" today and was already on the road...but in rush hour. He told me that he'd get home as soon as he could.

Kaelin had never locked a door before, but I had hope that maybe she could unlock it...although I thought it might be harder for her. I talked to her and asked her if she could help mommy and unlock the door. She repeated "help" and I could hear her fiddling with the door knob. After about a minute, she somehow unlocked the door! I flew into the house and snatched her...she was perfectly calm and happy to see me and shouted, "Hi!" like she does everytime I walk into the room.

Ironic thing is, Adrian and I had just had a conversation last week about me managning K when I have tons of things to bring inside. He said I need to always have my keys with me....this was said before Kaelin had ever done ANYTHING with the was the first time she even touched the locks. Today will also be the last time I go into the garage without a key, though.

Monday, January 12, 2009

My New Baby Wish List

I LOVE this stroller...I got to try one out from my friend with Kaelin and her daughter. It's a Joovy Caboose Sit 'n Stand. Kaelin was super happy to be riding in the front or the back facing backwards. She also (unfortunately) LOVES to stand up while riding in the shopping cart, so I think she'll like the standing function in the back as well.

I'm currently stalking Craigslist for one! But I'm wondering if I should wait until closer until the baby is due....maybe I'll get gift cards for Babies R Us and I'll just be able to get one?!

I'm on Daily Candy today!!!

Right here! They contacted me to see about doing an article on Teething Bling and wanted a local retailer (this was for the Atlanta edition) here I am! AND I'm offering free shipping on all Teething Bling to celebrate with the code: SHIP4FREE.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Babies Beyond Borders Baby Carriers

This is a baby carrier that I've been stocking on Heavenly Hold for a while and have had a great response. The Mei Favorite Baby Carrier and the Mei Favorite Toddler Carrier are a Soft Structured Carrier (buckle carrier) that is "ergonomically correct" for the babywearer and the baby. You can wear this carrier on your front or your back with a newborn baby or a toddler. The straps on this carrier are considered "wrap like" because they spread over the shoulders for maximum distribution of weight. The carrier also features a pocket which stows away the detachable sleeping hood when not in use.
The structured waist on the baby carrier gives the babywearer tons of support and takes away strain on the back because much of the baby's weight is distributed to the hips and legs...your most powerful muscles! Babies Beyond Borders comes in a "baby" sized carrier as well as a "toddler" sized carrier for mom's who have big babies, or are still wearing their toddlers. I'm still wearing my toddler, but she fits in the baby size with no issues!

These carriers are made by women around the world that hte owner of the company met on her numerous mission trips. The carriers are fairly traded and demostrate prideful craftmanship.

It's Shark Week at My House!

I have a new, fun cleaning toy at my house! I got a Shark Steam Mop with a gift card I received at Christmas (thanks, Mom!). I really wanted this mop because my other one is terrible. I've tried every option for cleaning my floors. The one I resort to most often is scrubbing the floor on my hands and knees with a hot rag and vinegar. Not the most fun!

Sooo, when I heard about the steam mop I was intrigued! All you need to do is fill it with water, plug it in, and wait 30 seconds for the water to heat up. Then, get mopping! This mop safely sanitizes the floor without using chemicals. And, it works! It lifted lots of gunk off of my floors (gross!). When you're done mopping, you can toss the microfiber pads into your washer to get them clean to use them again. Easy!