Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Babies Beyond Borders Baby Carriers

This is a baby carrier that I've been stocking on Heavenly Hold for a while and have had a great response. The Mei Favorite Baby Carrier and the Mei Favorite Toddler Carrier are a Soft Structured Carrier (buckle carrier) that is "ergonomically correct" for the babywearer and the baby. You can wear this carrier on your front or your back with a newborn baby or a toddler. The straps on this carrier are considered "wrap like" because they spread over the shoulders for maximum distribution of weight. The carrier also features a pocket which stows away the detachable sleeping hood when not in use.
The structured waist on the baby carrier gives the babywearer tons of support and takes away strain on the back because much of the baby's weight is distributed to the hips and legs...your most powerful muscles! Babies Beyond Borders comes in a "baby" sized carrier as well as a "toddler" sized carrier for mom's who have big babies, or are still wearing their toddlers. I'm still wearing my toddler, but she fits in the baby size with no issues!

These carriers are made by women around the world that hte owner of the company met on her numerous mission trips. The carriers are fairly traded and demostrate prideful craftmanship.

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tara said...

Ok Am - I'm SUCH a spazz!! So I was looking around on google at different reviews on this and this post came up so I clicked on it. I started to read it and then I thought - babywearing buzz ... that sounds familiar ... why it actually sounds like Amber's blog. Hum, then I look over and see "heavenly hold"! Oops! Guess it's been awhile since I've checked out your blog!!