Monday, January 12, 2009

My New Baby Wish List

I LOVE this stroller...I got to try one out from my friend with Kaelin and her daughter. It's a Joovy Caboose Sit 'n Stand. Kaelin was super happy to be riding in the front or the back facing backwards. She also (unfortunately) LOVES to stand up while riding in the shopping cart, so I think she'll like the standing function in the back as well.

I'm currently stalking Craigslist for one! But I'm wondering if I should wait until closer until the baby is due....maybe I'll get gift cards for Babies R Us and I'll just be able to get one?!


Lori said...

I debated on getting a sit/stand when I was pregnant with Colby, but since Blake was only 18 months I opted for a double stroller... there are times now that I wish I had the sit/stand, but refuse to buy a 3rd big stroller!

hope you get it and utilize it

Danielle said...

ooooh looks nice! Whta brand. I hope you get it. When are you due?

Dana said...

very nice!! i hope you get it!!!

Missy said...

oh, my friend has one and they are so cool!
I say keep scouting Craig's List and consignment shops. Always get one used and cheaper, and then if you do get gifts I am sure there is something else you can buy! (like diapers...)

Tracy said...

This was on the top of my list when I had Stella too. I wanted the one for $300 but settled for the basic model for $150. I've honestly dreaded using it ever since we got it. It is HUGE! We have a Durango and it takes most of the back of the truck up. It is also super heavy and does not wheel around stores very easily. It may be that I was just used to my Mclaren umbrella but I really don't like this stroller at all. Just make sure you shop out all the different types before buying! Good Luck!