Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ultrasound Update!!

I had my 20 week ultrasound last week, which I was really excited for. I couldn't wait to see this new little one!

I am insistent on not finding out the gender of this baby (I knew with Kaelin) and DH is insistent on finding we decided to do it just that way. Halfway through the ultrasound, the tech told me to look away and let DH have a look! She also printed out pics specifically for him and wrote something down on a piece of paper and put it all in an envelope for him.

The next day he got out his son's remote control cars and changed the batteries for Kaelin to play with and I was thinking, "Oh! It must be a boy and he's getting ready!" Then, later on in the day, he made some comment in happy frustration about being "surrounded by women". So I was thinking girl. Since then, I haven't really given it too much thought, honestly. It really isn't bothering me that he knows and I don't!

We have talked about coming up with a name that will work for either a boy or a girl...any ideas?


Lori said...

I would go crazy not knowing.

What about Quinn as a name for either a boy or a girl?

Danielle said...

Pete wants to know and I said no way. I am a meanie. We have our names picked for boy or girl. I will need to think about a unisex name-but I do like lori's suggestion. I like Dylan for a boy or a girl.

Dana said...

I really like Cameron for a boy or girl.. And to be different you could spell it with a K.

I really like Alexander/Alexandria for either a boy or girl. You could call the girl Lexi or the boy Alex..

I also had a really, really great friend and her name was Brett!! I loved that!

I also like Riley and Casey/Kasey.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy that I finally found your site! I am thrilled that you are doing well with this new one on the way.

Nancy Hultquist

Missy said...

If we ever have a third baby, I have already decided that I don't want to find out the sex - we did for the first two. And my husband is just like yours - he says that he still wants to - and it would drive me CRAZY to have him know and me not know and I would be over-analyzing every little thing thinking it was a clue... LOL. Do you think you can hold out another 20 weeks of him knowing and you not?

Anonymous said...

My daughter's name is River..mostly used for boys but it is adorable on a girl too IMO.