Tuesday, March 3, 2009

ERGO Baby Sport Comparison

Everyone knows that the ERGO Baby Carrier is a fantastic baby carrier, but now, there are options! If you find the standard ERGO to be warm, or not large enough....read on....

The ERGO Baby Sport is the newest addition to the ERGO Baby Carrier family. It is made from 35 % cotton and 65% polyester and designed to be a cooler, lighter weight baby carrier, compared to the original ERGO. The ERGO Baby Sport also features a vent to provide extra breathability for you and your little one while babywearing.

ERGO Baby Sport Baby Carrier is also designed to fit a wider range of babywearers. The carrier's waist extends an additional 5 inches than the original ERGO. The waist strap goes from 30-a total of 48 inches. The shoulder straps also extend an additional 4 inches. It's also more affordable at $94 than the standard ERGO.

The sleeping hood on the ERGO Baby Sport is completely detachable and it can be stored in the carrier's pocket. Just like the standard ERGO, you can wear the ERGO Baby Sport on your front, back or hip. AND...of course you can purchase one (with FREE shipping) from Heavenly Hold!

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