Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Water Baby!

Kaelin LOVES the water! We are having her first swim lesson on Tuesday and I'm really excited to see how she does and if she seems like she'll learn quickly!

This weekend we've spent a lot of time outside because we're still naked potty training (which is still going great!). I've filled her pool up a couple of times and she splashes and plays and jumps all around in it making happy, Kaelin noises.

We also got season passes to our local Six Flags water park, Whitewater. It's literally two miles down the road from us, so its a great thing to do with Kaelin. Today, DH and I took her and we spent a couple of hours at the "Little Squirts" area and had a blast! Because we have season passes and are so close, it's nice to be able to just pop down there for a couple of hours and not feel like we have to spend the whole day there to get our money's worth!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Potty Training SOS

I'm trying to potty train Kaelin and I'd love to have her daytime trained by the time the new baby is here! EDD 7-9-09...not sure if that will happen or not.

We started out with Pull Up like diapers and quickly switched to Gerber cloth trainers. I thought these would be more economical and word work better to train her...and they do! I quickly learned that Kaelin wouldn't tell me AT ALL if she went pee pee in her Pull probably felt just like a diaper to her and keep her dry. When she went pee pee in her cloth trainers, she would come and tell me, "Mommy pee pee!" At first I got excited because I thought she was telling me that she had to go potty...but no, she was telling me that she already went.

She seems to do best when we are out, shockingly enough...I have been taking her out in cloth and she stays dry. It's when we're home that she has accidents (on a good day, 2).

One problem I seem to have is getting her to empty her bladder. Sometimes she is in such a rush to finish and please me, that the second she gets any pee in the potty, she stops peeing and jumps up saying, "I went pee pee!" I try to get her to sit back down and go some more, but she always insists that she is done and thats all she has. It's often after these teeny, tiny amounts of pee pee in the potty, that we will have an accident.

ANY and all potty training helps and hints are appreciated! I'm thinking of trying the 3 day naked method, but am not sure I can last three days straight at home!

Late WW

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Gro Baby Grow!!

I have been interested in these dipes since they were preselling! My friend Tara told me about them and they looked intriguing!

Another friend, Steph, told me about the Facebook contest to get a free Gro Baby! I love that the inside of the diapers has seems like it would be so much more breathable than other cloth diapers. I also like the idea of having the inner shells and less "covers".

To become a fan of Gro Baby on FB click here.
To find out more about Gro Baby's, click here.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

New ERGO Sport Review!

ERGO Baby Carrier has come out with a new carrier and it's perfect for summertime babywearing. This new carrier was designed to give the babywearer the same support as the New Generation ERGO, but there are some differences that may even be considered improvements to some!

The ERGO Sport
is much lighter weight than the NG ERGO. The original ERGO baby carrier is almost 4 pounds in weight, but the Sport comes in at only around 2 pounds. Lighterweight fabric and less of it means less ways for heat to be trapped in. Plus, the ERGO Sport has an air vent on the back underneath the pocket (see the small slit in the picture above) to allow for some air flow between the baby and the carrier. This is an awesome feature as many babywearers worry that their little ones will get too hot in a baby carrier. The fabric on the ERGO Sport is very soft and smooth which is unlike the thick canvas of the NG....options!

At 32 weeks pregnant, I still wear my two year old on my back in my original ERGO and it's very comfortable, BUT I do use nearly all of the strap to make it around me (and I'm not that big!). The ERGO Sport is designed to fit a wider range of body types and the waist straps and should straps are longer! Waist strap extends an additional 5 inches (total of 48 inches) and the shoulder straps extend an additional 4 inches.

Lastly, the ERGO Sport is a lower price point than the original ERGO. It is $94 and is shipped for FREE from Heavenly Hold!

Zoom, Zoom!

Kaelin has been asking and asking for a "bike." She sees our bikes hanging on the wall of the garage and always comments on them. Then she found a bike helmet and loves to wear it around the house. Soooooo, here she is on her new tricycle! We got her a Radio Flyer Fold 'n Go that has a little compartment to store stuff in the back. So far she is just scooting on it, but her legs are long enough to pedal. Our neighborhood is not a trike friendly neighborhood because of all the hills, but I plan to take her to a flat area with it soon!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

New Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads

Posh Pads have just arrived at Heavenly Hold and they are super cute, super soft, and very environmentally friendly! The pads are made from Bamboo and flannel and the top layer is a really cute and fun print. Nursing is functional and fashionable with these reusable, eco friendly pads.

Instead of spending $$$ on disposable pads each month, invest in a package set of 4 or 6 Posh Pads from Heavenly Hold and reuse them!

Bamboo is an extremely sustainable resource and grows quickly. It is also naturally antibacterial and naturally deodorizing!