Thursday, May 14, 2009

New ERGO Sport Review!

ERGO Baby Carrier has come out with a new carrier and it's perfect for summertime babywearing. This new carrier was designed to give the babywearer the same support as the New Generation ERGO, but there are some differences that may even be considered improvements to some!

The ERGO Sport
is much lighter weight than the NG ERGO. The original ERGO baby carrier is almost 4 pounds in weight, but the Sport comes in at only around 2 pounds. Lighterweight fabric and less of it means less ways for heat to be trapped in. Plus, the ERGO Sport has an air vent on the back underneath the pocket (see the small slit in the picture above) to allow for some air flow between the baby and the carrier. This is an awesome feature as many babywearers worry that their little ones will get too hot in a baby carrier. The fabric on the ERGO Sport is very soft and smooth which is unlike the thick canvas of the NG....options!

At 32 weeks pregnant, I still wear my two year old on my back in my original ERGO and it's very comfortable, BUT I do use nearly all of the strap to make it around me (and I'm not that big!). The ERGO Sport is designed to fit a wider range of body types and the waist straps and should straps are longer! Waist strap extends an additional 5 inches (total of 48 inches) and the shoulder straps extend an additional 4 inches.

Lastly, the ERGO Sport is a lower price point than the original ERGO. It is $94 and is shipped for FREE from Heavenly Hold!

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