Saturday, June 27, 2009

12 more days to go!!

I only have 12 more days until my EDD!! I'm hoping that the baby will come close to his or her due date to give me a chance to have a VBAC, but I have to say I'm a little nervous about it, too!

As the days tick by, I'm getting more and more excited to meet this new little boy or girl...very different from how I was feeling when I was pregnant with Kaelin. Now, I know how great being a mom is and I'm excited to do it all over again!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Here's a pic of the "Blackberry" K and I made for Father's Day...cute! I got the idea from "No Time for Flashcards". Thanks, Danielle for sending me there!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Instilling Discipline

I am beginning to think that I need to instill more discipline in Kaelin. I was just going along thinking that she was so easy, so compliant and amenable...but at times, I see that changing....and this change isn't a good one...especially with a new baby coming soon.

This morning during our normal Monday morning grocery store jaunt, Kaelin needs to use the potty, then she doesn't, then she wants water, screams when she doesn't get it, then she does need to use the potty, screams when I try to put her in the cart. What gives? So I try to let her walk along side us as we shop. She dilly dallies and I try to give her some leeway, but it just gets ridiculous. I try to shop and carry her (I'm basically 9 mos preggo!). Then she wants back in the cart! Ugh! Can a mom get a break?

I need her to know when it's time to play and when it's time to get down to business. Many times, I've just told myself that an argument or a tantrum from her isn't worth it and I give in and now I think I'm starting to see the results. I'm praying for disciplinary wisdom from the Lord...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Scootababy in Review!

Heavenly Hold had one of my favorite products recently reviewed by Upscale Baby....the Scootababy! It's a carrier that I will still use with K even now that I am 8 1/2 mos preggo if she wants to be held at an inopportune time!

It is such a luxurious, comfy and supportive carrier. Unfortunatley, mine isn't one of the cute prints that are out now, but a plain jane sample, but I still feel the Scootababy luv with it!

Monday, June 15, 2009

I Love Being a Girl.....

I am having a week where I'm just really enjoying being a girl!! Yesterday I was soooo happy to be inside while DH and DSS were working in the yard and today I decided to attempt something other than our normal pigtails!

I have to have a show on the TV for Kaelin in order to get her hair done at all b/c it takes daily detangling and lots of spray conditioner each's not a super quick process!

Today I tried a couple of braids and love the result. I'm sure that with some practice my part will get better and my braids will get tighter, but I'm happy with my first attempt!

Baby Carrier Specials for June!

I just added a new page to Heavenly Hold and it's called Special Deals! Each month, I'll post a new item or items from the shop that will be on sale.

This month, the deal is great! When you spend $100 at Heavenly Hold, you will get a free Teething Bling donut pendant (and FREE shipping!). Please indicate your preferred color choices in the notes/message section at checkout. I can't guarantee the colors, but I'll try.

This means that if you buy a Scootababy, ERGO Baby Carrier, bumGenius package, or just spend over $100, you can take advantage of this deal! It's like you're getting these carriers on sale, but getting a special attachment parenting bonus!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Almost WW

This is Kaelin on our way home from Whitewater Park this afternoon...thought there was a break in the storm...but it was short lived and we were shivering in the rain!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

In the Kitchen...

I really love to bake....I prefer baking something over cooking something any ol' day! Maybe that's because I have a strong sweet tooth!

I have been eating more than my fair share of sweets in this last month of my pregnancy. I was really not craving much until about a month, in the last week alone, I've had a donut, a milkshake, and now brownies and ice cream!

Kaelin's big brother is here until after the baby is born and she is entralled with him. She asked for him first thing this morning when she woke up!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

An Email From My Hubby!!

A few days ago, this was in my inbox from my hubby:

I was just thinking about our trip to Tn.  Not so much the trip, but more so about how
much I love spending time with. I know I work a great deal and it's not always ideal.
Just know I do what I do for you and our children. The Lord says I am to sacrifice
myself for you, as he does for me. It is me passion to please him and in turn please
you. You, your love, and your commitment to our family is not taken for granted. The
day I let go of myself and grabbed on to Christ was the moment you walked into my life.
Although I did not see each step, my faith in the Lord allowed me to know they were
being made towards me. My words will never truly express how deep my love is for you
. My actions my fall short at times too. My heart, on the other hand, will always
hold the truth. I promise to always meet you at Christ, so you can know my heart,
feel my love, and most importantly: know HIM.

Thank you for being you!