Sunday, June 7, 2009

An Email From My Hubby!!

A few days ago, this was in my inbox from my hubby:

I was just thinking about our trip to Tn.  Not so much the trip, but more so about how
much I love spending time with. I know I work a great deal and it's not always ideal.
Just know I do what I do for you and our children. The Lord says I am to sacrifice
myself for you, as he does for me. It is me passion to please him and in turn please
you. You, your love, and your commitment to our family is not taken for granted. The
day I let go of myself and grabbed on to Christ was the moment you walked into my life.
Although I did not see each step, my faith in the Lord allowed me to know they were
being made towards me. My words will never truly express how deep my love is for you
. My actions my fall short at times too. My heart, on the other hand, will always
hold the truth. I promise to always meet you at Christ, so you can know my heart,
feel my love, and most importantly: know HIM.

Thank you for being you!

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