Monday, July 6, 2009

"Not Me" Monday

I'm joining up with MckMama this week for my first "Not Me", here we go!

I did not go down the waterslide with my daughter at the waterpark and "lose" her on the way down and then not be able to get my 9 month pregnant self up again! Not me! (It was really even more embarassing when the 16 year old lifeguards came to help me).

I did not throw away my daughter's beloved Dora swimsuit this week when DH noticed that the elastic was shot in the legs and her 'cheeks' were exposed. I told DD that her Dora suit had to go bye bye!

I did not have ice cream twice in one day (plus a few other treats the same day). Nope, not me!

I did not let Kaelin eat grapes out of the bag in the grocery cart to keep her quiet...not me!

I did not tell DD "not to worry about" a daddy long legs spider that she found in a dust bunny infested corner of the kitchen because I didn't feel like getting up and handling it myself...not me!


Mary Teresa said...

You are a brave woman going down water slides at 9 months!I'm only 6 and am quiet certain my hippo-esque grace would make me a spectacle =) Welcome to the carnival!

Anonymous said...

You know those are pretty funny but I can beat them all.

I did not just get home from work, walk into the kitchen, pick up a paper cup with water in it, cleaning up, and pour it down the sink.

And it did not have my son's newest loose tooth in it.