Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Sleepy Bear has arrived at Heavenly Hold! As a lover of babywearing, I enjoy wearing my children in carriers whenever I can. My daughter is now mimicking me in many of my "motherly acts" as I care for my newest little one. She has been wearing her own dolls in her own carriers for quite some time's so sweet! Just last week she asked me if she could put Kiley in her carrier! Ha!

The maker of Sleepy Wrap has just come out with a new babywearing product, the Sleepy Bear! He is 100% organic and oh, so soft! He helps show little ones what babywearing is all about and they are able to take out and put in the little bear in his carrier!

Use the code: SLEEPY5 to save $5 on a Sleepy Bear or a Sleepy Wrap at Heavenly Hold!

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