Saturday, September 19, 2009

bumGenius Cloth Diaper Laundry Detergent

Woo-hoo! It's here! I'm excited to announce that Heavenly Hold is now carrying bumGenius Diaper Detergent!

bumGenius Diaper Detergent was developed to work specifically with bumGenius diapers, but it also works great for other diapering systems as well. The detergent is free of dyes, optical brighteners, fragrances, enzymes and phosphates which is all good news for your cloth diapers. They'll come out of the washer smelling clean!

Each box will do 66 loads of diapers and the detergent is even HE washer certified! bumGenius Diaper Detergent is available at Heavenly Hold for $11.95.

Moving and Grooving!

We're in the process of repurposing our "extra" room. It's currently filled with some really outdated bunk beds that belong to my stepson, but we want to make it more of a multipurpose room that would function for guests as well as Jordan.

I found these and think that they would work much better than what we currently have. I found lots of other bunk beds that would work well for our room as well.

If we had bunk beds with a full bed on the bottom, this would be great for guests. We'd even have a place for my parents to stay other than the pullout in the living room! Plus, the room would still work for my stepson when he is here.

Now, we just need to "de-junkify" the room and repurpose it!

Friday, September 18, 2009

New ERGO Baby Carrier Designs

Yay! New ERGO Baby Carrier designs are available for preorder from Heavenly Hold until September 23rd. Check out the new designs here. There are some spectacular, gorgeous new carriers to choose from and most have matching front backs and back packs available too!

There's even the cutest little doll carrier in one of the new prints which is a perfect Christmas gift for the littlest babywearer!

When you preorder a new ERGO, you'll pay half now and half before it ships. You will receive free shipping as well as a special gift with your order!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Babywearing With a Bad Back

"Oh, my aching back!" This mantra can be heard from many mamas around the world with their very own little "velcro babies" otherwise referred to as babies that want to be held and carried all the time.

I have my own set of little babies like that and until I discovered babywearing, I was complaining of a stiff back, aching neck and pain in my shoulders as well!

Babywearing will help alleviate pain in your back, neck and shoulders because instead of carrying your baby on one side of your body and only using one set of muscles, you'll be better distributing the weight of the baby throughout your back, neck and shoulders.

A classic pouch sling or ring sling (ex. Slinglings, TaylorMade Ring Slings) does this by spreading a piece of fabric across your back and distributing the baby's weight throughout this piece of fabric. A pouch sling can be great for quick carries for older babies or wearing newborns in the cradle carry position. However, for longer periods of babywearing it may not be super comfy because it's only using one shoulder.

For longer periods of babywearing, or for someone with a history of back problems, a two shouldered carry will be much better! Two shouldered carries include: wraps, mei tais (asian style baby carriers) and soft structured carriers (buckle carriers). Two shouldered carriers do a fabulous job of equally distributing the weight of the child to both shoulders and throughout your back. Soft Structured Carriers (ex. ERGO Baby Carrier, Action Baby Carrier) do an even better job of making your child feel weightless because they have structured waists. Structured waists transfer the weight of the baby to your most powerful muscle...your quadriceps.