Saturday, September 19, 2009

Moving and Grooving!

We're in the process of repurposing our "extra" room. It's currently filled with some really outdated bunk beds that belong to my stepson, but we want to make it more of a multipurpose room that would function for guests as well as Jordan.

I found these and think that they would work much better than what we currently have. I found lots of other bunk beds that would work well for our room as well.

If we had bunk beds with a full bed on the bottom, this would be great for guests. We'd even have a place for my parents to stay other than the pullout in the living room! Plus, the room would still work for my stepson when he is here.

Now, we just need to "de-junkify" the room and repurpose it!


Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

that is a really cool bunk bed!

Missy said...

we were contemplating bunk beds as well - and I would love to have the extra bed, especially a bigger bottom bunk for guests, since currently when my MIL visits, she sleeps on the couch. Sadly, it is not in the budget... maybe in a year or 2. :)