Friday, October 16, 2009

Boba Organic Toddler Carrier

The newest baby carrier on the market is the "Boba" (short for "Boulder Baby") which is made in Boulder, CO by the makers of the Sleepy Wrap.

The Boba is 100% organic and is a soft structured carrier designed for toddlers ages 1-4 years. This carrier is sleek in design and comes with special health benefits that no other baby carrier can boast. This carrier has special foot rests for the child to use which ensure that his or her knees are kept at a 90 degree angle thereby increasing blood circulation while being worn.

Boba comes in 6 different color combinations all which reflect colors found in nature. Wear the Boba on your front or your back and feel the comfort of having your child's weight be evenly distributed throughout your back. The Boba is offered with FREE shipping at Heavenly Hold.


Janelle said...

I may now be addicted to babywearing!!! I am still so excited about the scootababy that I have worn it every day. I can't wait to show people..ahem...I mean...go places wearing my baby! I have gone on walks every day wearing him and he LOVES it! I didn't starting this bw'ing biz until now...and he turns 1 tomorrow! I am so happy that I was directed to your website through Mckmama's blog. I really like the moby too, I have to get a little more used to tying it though. I will get it though! Can't wait to receive my two other items that I ordered. Who knew they made jewelry for mom that doubles as a teething ring for baby! So awesome because my son has broke two of my necklace's already! Thanks again and I look forward to following your blog!

Anonymous said...

hi, i'am from brazil, I like your comment.