Thursday, December 3, 2009

What Age Should I Start Back Carrying My Baby?

I cannot believe it, but Kiley is almost 5 months old!!! In the blink of an eye...

About two weeks ago, I was making a really complex, gourmet meal (hot dogs, mac and cheese and pineapples) and I had a lot going really, I had to chop up the pineapple and I was making the mac and cheese from scratch! Seriously! Kaelin was occupied, but Kiley was SO over the bouncy seat. I tried wearing her in my ERGO Baby Carrier on my front, but then it was really hard (and unsafe) to use my arms in the kitchen.

I thought it over for about a minute and decided that her head control was good enough to attempt a back carry. The girl still wants her legs "froggied" but here we were doing a back carry! I really thought that I wouldn't be doing this until about 8 months, but I needed my full range of motion. Wearing your baby on your back is SO freeing!! Kiley did OK in her first back carry. I think I will end up waiting a couple of more weeks before trying it again, because my hubby said she did look a little freaked out at one point, but she didn't fuss! Wearing your baby on your back (unless using a mei tai with a high back carry or a woven wrap) shouldn't be attempted until your baby has stable head control.

Please excuse the frazzled look I'm sporting (can I still claim "new mom" as my excuse?). In the pictures, I'm wearing my new Organic Sienna Sunset ERGO that has some really gorgeous embroidery on it and it's super soft! I love it!