Thursday, December 3, 2009

What Age Should I Start Back Carrying My Baby?

I cannot believe it, but Kiley is almost 5 months old!!! In the blink of an eye...

About two weeks ago, I was making a really complex, gourmet meal (hot dogs, mac and cheese and pineapples) and I had a lot going really, I had to chop up the pineapple and I was making the mac and cheese from scratch! Seriously! Kaelin was occupied, but Kiley was SO over the bouncy seat. I tried wearing her in my ERGO Baby Carrier on my front, but then it was really hard (and unsafe) to use my arms in the kitchen.

I thought it over for about a minute and decided that her head control was good enough to attempt a back carry. The girl still wants her legs "froggied" but here we were doing a back carry! I really thought that I wouldn't be doing this until about 8 months, but I needed my full range of motion. Wearing your baby on your back is SO freeing!! Kiley did OK in her first back carry. I think I will end up waiting a couple of more weeks before trying it again, because my hubby said she did look a little freaked out at one point, but she didn't fuss! Wearing your baby on your back (unless using a mei tai with a high back carry or a woven wrap) shouldn't be attempted until your baby has stable head control.

Please excuse the frazzled look I'm sporting (can I still claim "new mom" as my excuse?). In the pictures, I'm wearing my new Organic Sienna Sunset ERGO that has some really gorgeous embroidery on it and it's super soft! I love it!

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CherryBlossomMJ said...

Looks like our girls are about the same age. I sent an email about the babywearing series I'm doing in the spring, did you get it?

There's no Marietta brick and mortar shop is there, just online right?

I'll be back in GA thru the weekend and just wanted to check, though you'd probably be closed anyway. I really want to see a Boba (et al) in person.