Tuesday, December 21, 2010

ERGO Options Baby Carrier

If you've hesitated in purchasing an ERGO Baby Carrier because you thought they were plain, drab or utilitarian looking, you now have some Options! ERGO has come out with a new baby carrier called the ERGO Options Baby Carrier that gives you just that...options!

The baby carrier comes in plain black, which is perfect for most babywearing dads. Then, if you want some pattern or color, you have a choice! The Options Pack comes with three slipcovers that snap on the body of the carrier easily. The slipcovers can be changed in and out depending on your mood and give your baby carrier a whole new look.

Enjoy free shipping on your ERGO Baby Carrier from Heavenly Hold.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Little Babywearing Shadow

Had to post these pictures of my little babywearing shadow...also known as my sweet daughter. She attends local Koala Mommas meetings with me and brings her carriers to show off and share, too. On our way to a recent meeting we were just turning out of the neighborhood when she said, "Oh no! Mom! You forgot the ERGO Performance!" And I thought for a second, doing a mental inventory of all the carriers I had in the car...and she was right! I had forgotten the ERGO Performance.

She is truly my shadow and can name the brand names of pretty much every carrier and even knows that the bECO's have "military buckles!" I hope that she becomes a babywearing mom some day!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Babywearing a Newborn Baby in a Baby Carrier

Moms ask: What is the best baby carrier for a newborn? There really isn't a simple answer. My answer usually is, bring your baby over to my home and try them all on for a test drive! BUT if that's not possible, I have a few answers. One great baby carrier for a newborn baby is the Freehand Mei Tai. I'm not a huge mei tai fan myself, BUT the Freehand is just shaped so well that it lends itself to carrying a newborn. The small body was made to wear a froggied (legs tucked underneath the body) baby! I wore my daughter in the Marie print and still do from time to time at 15 months. The Mei Tai can be worn on the front back or hip. But until your baby has good head control, it's perfect to snuggle them close on your front.
Next up is the Sleepy Wrap. I took my Boba Wrap to the hospital with me and wore DD2 in it as soon as I was physically able to get out of the bed. I wanted as much skin to skin contact with her as soon as I could possibly get it. I wanted the milk to start flowing!!! The Sleepy Wrap is a wonderful carrier for a newborn because it does a fantastic job of mimicking the womb (which as a new mother is one of your main jobs!). The Sleepy Wrap is made of a stretchy material (T shirt like) and wraps around your body. You can pop your baby in and out throughout the day in the cradle position or in the tummy to tummy position. I even nursed discreetly in it!
Last but certainly not least, is the bECO Butterfly II. When someone really wants a buckle carrier or a carrier that will last them all the way through toddlerhood (or in our case, preschoolhood), I will many times suggest the Butterfly. The Butterfly is soooo wonderful for newborns because it has a built in infant insert that allows the newborn baby to be up higher in the baby carrier. Once the baby reaches 15 lbs, the insert is no longer needed and can be removed and the baby carrier can be used all the way up until 45 lbs. The bECO Butterfly II also has a sleeping hood (that can be removed) for sleepy babies (and we all know that newborns are that!). The sleeping hood simply supports the baby's head while sleeping...wonderful!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New Organic ERGO Baby Carrier Designs!

They're here!!! Well....almost! The new ERGO's have been debuted and are now available for preorder from Heavenly Hold. I became a true ERGO lover when I traded up to an Organic ERGO...it was such a huge difference in feel and comfort! The Organic ERGO Baby Carrier was a lot sleeker and softer...a vast improvement over my first non organic ERGO!

There are 3 new organic designs available: River Rock Green (my favorite and pictured above), Desert Bloom (love the hood on that one!), and Highland Navy. All three designs can be preordered and will be shipped for free early November.

Which one do you like best?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Indianapolis Babywearers!

Are you an Indy mommy? Are you a babywearing or a wannabe babywearing Indy mommy? Even better! I'm going to be in Indianapolis, IN this coming weekend (October the 9-10, 2010) and I want to meet up with some babywearing mommies!

If you are wanting to try out some of the newest carriers, I'll have them! If you have a request for something from Heavenly Hold you'd like to try, let me know and I'll do my best to bring it! The best way to know what carrier you'll like the best, it to try out as many as you can!

Come meet me in Downtown at the Embassy Suites on Sunday afternoon at 4pm for a babywearing pow wow! I'll be the one in the lobby with all the babywearing paraphenelia! Please email me or let me know on Facebook if you are coming! Looking forward to meeting you!

The Ages and Stages of Babywearing

There is time to babywear...and a time not to babywear. I've heard lots of moms say that they're done babywearing because their child has begun walking. Pshaw! I myself was in mourning when my first daughter seemed to lose interest shortly after learning to walk. BUT after the novelty of it all blew over, she had a renewed interest in being worn...and I was a happy mama!

Wearing a newborn is always wonderful...they're so sleepy and snuggly at that age. A Sleepy Wrap is a wonderful way to wear a newborn as it does a fantastic job of mimicking the womb.

When babywearing a child that has learned to walk, you're mostly back wearing at that time and a Soft Structured Carrier (or Buckle Carrier) is a fantastic option. My favorites for wearing older babies or toddlers are the ERGO, Action Baby Carrier or the Boba.

Even now that my oldest daughter is 3 1/2, she is still worn. She loves to be worn in the Scootababy and in the beco Butterfly II on my back.

So, don't let walking throw you off track. Give your babies some time to discover their new found world and then let them come back to your back for some more babywearing time!

Investing in a Baby Carrier

Many folks have the surprise of their lives when they find out the cost of a high quality baby carrier. I know I did...I was a (hides eyes) Snugli wearer for the first few months of Kaelin's life. I knew no better until a friend steered me in the right direction. I though $29.95 was what a carrier should cost...wrong! When I saw that ERGO Baby Carriers were just over the $100 mark, I said, "Never!" "No way!" And here I am today...peddling the very same baby carriers and some that cost even more.

I have since learned that there are even some Baby Bjorn carriers that cost nearly $100 and some that cost even more...and those carriers are NOT good....not good for baby and not good for the babywearer=not a good investment.

So, yes...I see a baby carrier as an investment. Just like a crib, a diaper bag, or any other piece of baby paraphenelia. A baby carrier is an item that has such a positive effect on your baby's development, learning, muscle tone, digestion, sleeping habits and general comfort and security that I believe it to be one of the most important baby investments!

A baby carrier is something that can last you from birth all the way through preschool. I am wearing my 3 1/2 year old daughter in some of the same carriers that I recently wore my newborn in! A baby carrier lasts and lasts!

Another reason to invest in a good one: high resale value! I've often had customers come by to purchase a particular brand carrier and say that they searched for one on craigslist or ebay that was used so they could save a little money and found that the used ones were nearly as much as the brand new ones! So why not buy a brand new one and support a work at home mom (like me!). Once you are past your babywearing days, you can resell your high quality baby carrier for a high price! You'll be able to recoup a fair amount of your investment and get the enjoyment and peace of mind out of wearing your child in a beautiful and SAFE baby carrier!

If you think that a good carrier is out of your reach financially, consider putting one on layaway. Breaking the price up into several payments takes away a bit of the sting of the investment.

Happy Babywearing!

Monday, September 20, 2010

ERGO Baby Love!

I'm the first to admit that when I first started babywearing, the ERGO Baby Carrier was not my first carrier to grab. The above picture is me wearing my oldest daughter in my first (non organic) ERGO Baby Carrier. It did it's job as far as distributing the weight of the baby and taking the pressure off of my neck and back, but it just was missing something. As a result, I just thought that I wasn't an ERGO Lover.

Later on, I had a mom exchange the Sienna Sunset Organic ERGO for a solid colored organic ERGO. I loved the color of the Sienna Sunset, so I decided to upgrade. I took her organic ERGO and sold my non organic...WOW! What a difference! I no longer had the feeling that something was missing. I realized that I wasn't loving the first ERGO because the shoulder straps were so stiff. My new organic ERGO was unbelievably soft and even....sleek! I never thought I'd use the word sleek to describe the ERGO Baby Carrier, but I was! Since I've upgraded, I've found that many moms already knew this secret and were wiser for it. If you're in the market for an ERGO, I'd for sure pick an organic one over a non organic. HUGE difference! If you're in the market for an ERGO, be sure to check out Heavenly Hold! We offer free shipping on ERGO Baby Carriers!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Baby Carrier Trial Program

I've been working on adding a Baby Carrier Trial Program to Heavenly Hold for quite some time...and I've finally got it up and running! Hooray!

I often talk with moms on the phone who have a hard time deciding which carrier will work for them. I give them my honest opinions about each and every carrier knowing that many times I'll probably muddle the waters even more with all the information I have! It's unfortunate that most folks don't have a local store that will have many brands for them to try out in person...but it's reality (for now). I'm hoping that with the new Baby Carrier Trial Program, this will help people make a better choice.

It's one thing to read all about a carrier online, but it's quite another to actually get to "test drive" a carrier. You can read and read all you want, but until you actually have a baby carrier on your body with your baby in it, you're not really going to know if it's going to work out for you.

Heavenly Hold's Baby Carrier Trial Program is fairly simple. You will rent a carrier from the site. Rental fee is $8 and shipping is a flat $6. You can rent as many carriers as you like. Once the carrier(s) arrive at your home, you'll have 14 days to test drive the baby carrier(s). At the end of your trial period, hopefully you'll know whether you've found a winner or not! You will have the choice to purchase the carrier you've tried (price will be dependent upon condition and age of carrier), or to send back and purchase another carrier, or to send back the carrier and hold off. If you do purchase a carrier, you'll get your rental fee ($8) as credit towards your baby carrier purchase.

As of today I have added quite a few carriers to the Baby Carrier Trial Program. So far I have ERGO Sport, ERGO Baby Carrier, beco Butterfly II, beco Gemini Baby Carrier, Action Baby Carrier, Boba Organic Baby Carrier and Boba Classic. I will be adding more brands in the near future and if you have any suggestions, feel free to suggest!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Action Baby Carrier New Prints!!!

I have long raved about the Action Baby Carrier in the babywearing world. It's truly one of my favorites! Not only is it super reasonably priced, but it's super duper simple, lightweight and supportive.

The Action Baby Carrier is a baby carrier that can be used front, back and hip with babies 8lbs - 40 lbs. You will only need one carrier from newborn to toddlerhood. When wearing your baby on the front in the Action Baby Carrier, you criss cross the straps over your back to make it comfy and supportive. When wearing the baby carrier on your back, use the chest strap the secure the carrier.

I recommend the Action Baby Carrier as a summertime option for babywearing because it is so lightweight. The body of the carrier is completely unpadded which allows for more breathability....hopefully keeping mom (or dad) and baby a little bit cooler!

The Action Baby Carrier is one of the few baby carriers that are made in the USA. Action Baby Carriers is truly a "mom and pop" operation, so when you purchase an ABC, you're supporting a small business, but more importantly, a hard working family business! Heavenly Hold, also a family owned/run business stocks all prints and colors of the Action Baby Carrier and ships them for free all over the US.

Email me amber (at) heavenlyhold (dot) com with any baby carrier or babywearing questions. I'm always super happy to help!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Boba Classic Baby Carrier

The Boba Classic Baby Carriers just arrived on my doorstep and we were all (the girls and I) SO excited!!! The Boba Classics are the same in design as the Boba Organic 2G's. They still are baby carriers designed for babies ages 1-4 (toddlers) or 15-45 lbs. My daughter fit fine in the Boba Organic when she was nearly 8 months.

The Boba Classic has the detachable sleeping hood, a taller back to accomodate toddlers, and the patent pending detachable foot stirrups (which ensure that the baby's legs have optimal circulation while in the carrier...keeping them at a 90 degree angle). Unlike the Boba Organic, the Classic is manufactured in China under fair trade working conditions.

Like the Boba Organic 2G, the Boba Classic also comes in earth inspired colors: Glacier, Mist, Breeze, Earth, Dusk, and Twilight. I chose the Dusk for myself..love it!

Heavenly Hold carries the Boba Classic in stock and ready to ship for free! The Boba Classic is a quality carrier for a very reasonable price.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Babywearing Grandparents!

I took this photo of my mom wearing Kiley on a recent visit to my parents...priceless! I was excited to share babywearing with my mom! My dad actually wore me when I was little in a frame backpack, so I was a worn baby too!

A question that I occasionally get is: What is a good carrier for a grandparent or a caregiver? Well, first off, yay for grandparent or caregiver babywearing! Awesome decision! Usually a grandparent or caregiver will want something relatively easy and simple to use...no fuss babywearing. This probably means that wraps and mei tais are out as they do have a little bit of a learning curve. A grandparent or caregiver quite probably will also be sharing the carrier with another person...you or another grandparent or caregiver. This means that it needs to be adjustable...nothing sized!

The answer: A Soft Structured Carrier! My personal favorite for ease of use and the support level. My petite mom was able to wear my Sienna Sunset ERGO with it cinched all the way down. I'm a bit taller (and less sleek) than she is and I'm able to wear the same carrier as is my husband.

I'd suggest an ERGO, an Action Baby Carrier or a Boba as they are all very similar in design and are all very simple to use. Happy Babywearing Grandmas and Grandpas!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

ERGO Performance Review

Sleeping hood/pocket compartment

Shoulder Straps and Chest Strap

Inside of Body and Structured Waist (note the mesh lining on parts of the body)

Heavenly Hold carries the new ERGO Performance baby carrier in stock and ready to ship (for FREE!).

My thoughts on ERGO's newest innovation are pretty positive so far at this early stage! I love, love, love all shades of green, so I'm a real sucker for the Spring Green ERGO Performance. The Grey is pretty sharp looking too!

There are quite a few differences between the ERGO Performance and the Standard ERGO. The shoulder straps are a big one...the straps on the Performance are waaaay less padded, but in a good way! The straps still felt supportive with my chubby girl and I, of course with a chubby baby, LOVE the ERGO's seat darts which really give the baby a true, ergonomic seat to sit in. I also like that there is a touch of leg padding on the sides of the body to cushion baby's legs.

The Performance is 1/3 lighter than the standard ERGO (yippee for summertime babywearing!) and it's made of breathable fabric. It does still have a sleeping hood, but instead of just rolling up in the pocket (yes! There IS a pocket!!!), it rolls up and then the pocket can zip shut (and the hood will stay put!). The hood seems really breathable, too and can also be detached.

The inside of the body is lined with mesh panels and Cool Max lining which also gives it more breathability. Not sure how much cooler this will actually make you when babywearing in the heat, but every little bit helps!

If you have any questions about the ERGO Performance or any other baby carriers, feel free to contact me! I'm always super happy to help...and sell you an ERGO!

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Kaelin has been babywearing...er...bearwearing all.day.long. I snapped this pic of her wearing her Galaxy Grey ERGO at the end of her naptime and discovered that she even wore her bear while she was sleeping! Now, that's dedicated babywearing!

ERGO Sport in Blue!

The ERGO Sport is a great summertime babywearing solution. This baby carrier helps keep babywearer and baby slightly cooler due to the lightweight fabric and the built in "vent" that allows some airflow. Before, the ERGO Sport was only available in boring black. The carrier was solid black with white stitching and not very interesting. But now, the ERGO Sport is available in blue as well! Same great design, but a little bit more visually interesting!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Toddler Babywearing and Toddler Carriers

Kaelin in the Beco Butterfly II in "Zoye"

Kaelin in the "Pine" Boba.

I often hear many people say that they're buying a carrier for their baby, "Until she learns to walk." To some, wearing a toddler or preschooler just doesn't occur to them...but in fact, more and more people are wearing their older babies and children! And I say "Yay!!" for toddlerwearing!

My oldest daughter is 3 and we still wear her quite a bit. She had started to walk a lot more when we went out...until daughter #2 arrived! Then she became very interested in being worn again! AND, get this...she wanted to be worn on my front (because the baby was being worn on my front). So. Picture me, walking through the grocery store with a 37" toddler on my front...I couldn't see! It was pretty funny.

I've finally convinced her that she can be happy on my back and now I don't bump into things anymore. When we went to the zoo last month, I wore Kaelin on my back the entire time. It was very beneficial. She was happy as could be because she was up high and could see all the animals. I was happy as could be because I wasn't having to lift her up and down to see everything AND she was close to me...I knew where she was all the time. She was never running away from me.

Some of my favorite carriers for toddlers are Soft Structured Carriers. The Boba is what I wore Kaelin in at the zoo. It's designed for babies ages 1-4 (although I wear my 10 month old in it as well). It's all organic and super soft, sleek and lightweight! I also wear Kaelin in my ERGO, Action Baby Carrier, Oh Snap, and beco quite a bit.

I intend to toddler (or preschool) babywear for as long as my sweetie and I enjoy it!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Oh Snap!

Oh Snap! is the newest Soft Structured Baby Carrier manufactured by Babyhawk. Yes, they also make great mei tai's but the Oh Snap is a fantastic buckle carrier that gives you the ease of buckles instead of ties.

Oh Snap Carriers can be worn on the front or back and are intended to be used for babies 6 months and up through 45 lbs. It has a soft structured waist that will take the weight of the baby or toddler being worn and distribute it to your hips and quads...making your child seem weightless (and give you two free hands at the same time!).

When wearing your baby on your front, you have the ability to wear the shoulder straps in the criss cross position which is VERY comfy.

Although the Oh Snap does not have a sleeping hood, it does have a taller back and the headrest can be used folded down or up all the way. You can also add a Freehand Universal Hood to the OS if you wish.

The Oh Snap comes in TONS of different prints and many different strap color choices as well. All carriers on the Heavenly Hold site are in stock and ready to be shipped, but if you're interested in a custom, you'll be waiting a few weeks, but contact us!

The pictures above are my sweet friend and neighbor and her 6 month old son. LOVE the print she chose...Garden Tiles. She is wearing the Oh Snap on her front with the straps criss crossed over her back.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Babywearing in the Summer

Lots of people ask me about babywearing in the summer or in the heat. Where we live, it's hot....and it's humid! So we are experienced summertime babywearers over here.

Question: "What is the coolest baby carrier out there?"

My Answer: "There are a few lighterweight carriers out there, but no matter which carrier you choose, you're going to be hot in the summer. Your body generates body heat. Your baby's body generates body heat. The two bodies together generate even MORE body heat...hot and sticky!"

However, if you want a cooler Buckle Carrier, I would recommend the Action Baby Carrier. It's going to be slightly cooler simply because it is very lightweight compared to the bulk of the carriers on the market. It's body is also unpadded which will allow for a little more airflow through the carrier.

The ERGO Sport is much lighterweight that the original ERGO and it also has an "air vent" that allows some air flow between the carrier and the baby's body.

The Freehand Mei Tai is one of the most lightweight mei tais that I have tried, and since the body is on the smaller side, there will be more air flow to baby and babywearer.

A Water Mesh Ring Sling or an Organic Cotton Mesh Ring Sling will also be slightly cooler because the mesh fabric allows more air to flow through the fabric and reach the baby and babywearer's bodies. These carriers are also great options to wear in the water and they dry quickly, too!

Have fun babywearing in the summer!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Babywearing is Beautiful

One of the main reasons why I babywear is the benefits that my baby receives from being worn. She will have more self confidence, be more intelligent, be healthier...the list goes on and on of the benefits she'll get from being worn. There are also many benefits to me. Mainly being that I can carry my baby and her weight will be evenly distributed throughout my body. No more will my back or neck be pinched or ache from lugging around my 20 lb'er!

BUT another big reason why I wear my babies, is to be cute! I am not a huge diaper bag mama like many moms are. I know moms that have a vast collection of diaper bags that would equal the down payment on a house for some people! I'm not one of those moms. I used that freebie diaper bag that the hospital gave me until it broke!

BUT...I'm a sucker for a cute (and of course, comfortable) baby carrier! I LOVE wearing my baby and looking cute doing it! I love color...I love print....I....LOVE....FABRIC!!

A super sweet local mom took a few pictures of me recently wearing Kiley in my Action Baby Carrier. I will treasure these pictures forever...way beyond my babywearing days!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Scootababy Print on the Way!

Heavenly Hold LOVES Scootababy! I use mine a LOT with both my girls ages 3 years and 9 months. I use carriers a lot in general, but I find myself grabbing my Scootababy a lot when we're in the house and baby is fussy or big girl just wants some extra mommy time. Scootababy is great for times like these because it's a quick carrier to grab and throw on...not a whole lot of adjusting needed to get it to feel right or to get baby in the "sweet spot."

I use my Scootababy to cook dinner (gasp! Don't try this at home babywearers...stoves and babywearing don't mix--but let's be real, here...sometimes you HAVE to cook with a baby in tow!), to vaccum (my daughters are terrified of the vacuum cleaner) or to do things like clean mirror or windows. It's very handy and super comfy.

I usually stay away from one sided carriers because they eventually put too much stress on one side of my body with my heavy babes and start hurting my back. The Scootababy is different because it has a SOFT STRUCTURED WAIST. The soft structured waist helps take the weight of the baby off your shoulder and back and transfers it to the most powerful muscle in your body...your quads! This makes your baby feel much lighter!

Scootababy has recently added a new print to their already gorgeous line. It's a beautiful fabric called "Kapaia" that was snagged by the manufacturer on a trip to Hawaii. Doesn't it look cool and breezy!? I love it! It has Espresso Twill straps and brown microfiber lining.

Also, don't forget that they also just added a Charcoal solid that is manufactured (fair trade) in China that comes at a lower price point!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Being Safe While Babywearing

A "Bag Sling"

As of late, babywearing has come under the scrutiny of the federal government. Unfortunately there have been some injuries and even deaths related to a certain type of carrier called a "bag sling". While bag slings are easy to come by, readily available at large national retailers, they are not the optimal choice for comfortable or safe babywearing. Though low in price, they're not worth the money consumers pay for them. Bag slings are slings that are, essentially, "bag-like" and would you put your baby in a bag? I think not!

The reason that bag slings are unsafe is that the baby is riding too low in the sling and is not secure against the body of the babywearer...the sling should never be able to swing away from the body. Correct slings should be fitted to the users body. When the baby is in the sling, the lowest point of the sling should be either right at or a little above the babywearer's belly button. Some quality brands of safe baby slings include: Slinglings, Hotslings, and Kangaroo Korner.

If you've been considering wearing your baby, please do not let these recent events deter you. The benefits of babywearing are numerous for you and your baby and if you do it correctly, your baby's safety will not even be in question.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Happy Birthday My Sweet Girl!

This post is a little late, but my sweet Kaelin turned three a couple weeks ago and had (her defenition of) a party: balloons, birthday cake and friends!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

I Thought I Was...

a Ring Sling flunkee!

But it turns out...I'm not!

The other night, we had a "babywearing emergency" over here, and..

I grabbed my Taylormade ring sling and plopped Kiley into it! Happy baby=happy mommy!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Just Had to Share...

...these super sweet photos of my sweet (and sassy!) almost three year old!

I could just smooch her all day!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Scootababy Line Available

Everyone that's everyone in the world of babywearing knows how comfortable and luxurious the Scootababy is. The reason the Scootababy is so comfortable is the soft structured waist does a fantastic job of taking the weight of your child off of your back or side and transferring it to your most powerful muscle...your quads!

But...the Scootababy is a pretty pricey carrier. Now there is a new Scootababy line out that has all the great features and qualities of the classic Scootababy, but with a lower price point! The carrier comes in a solid, charcoal gray and is $92.

We're taking preorders at Heavenly Hold for the new Scootababy from February 10th - February 15th. You can order the carrier on the site and use the discount code: happy2010 to save an additional 10% and still get free shipping on this great new hip carrier!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Ellevill Wait List! New Designs!!

New designs are coming from Norway and they're gorgeous!! Read all about them here. Then get your name on the wait list before Feb 12th!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Our Cloth Diapering Adventure

Yep. I'm officially a cloth diaper addict now...thought it couldn't happen to me, but it has! I love 'em! I love fluffy buns! Never thought that diapering your baby could be so much fun!

I have tried LOTS of different kinds of cloth diapers so far. Thirsties, bumGenius, g diapers, Cute in Cloth, Tail Feathers, fuzzi bunz, swaddlebees, GAD's, and probably a few others!

My all time favorite brand is bumGenius, though...I always come back to it because ...well... because they work....REALLY WELL! We don't have leaks, they wash up really easily and they last!

I have both the sized AIO's with velcro and the one sized kinds. I really like the organic one sized AIO's with snaps the best.

One mistake I made early on, was not fully prepping my diapers. I was so eager to use them that I didn't wash them enough to get them fluffed up and to their full absorbancy.

Oh! And by the way, if I didn't mention it, I have cloth diapers at Heavenly Hold. And, if you're in metro Atlanta and want some help with cloth or you want to learn more about cloth diapering your little one, I'm happy to help (even if you're not buying).

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Look What Just Flew In!!!!

The Beco Butterfly II has now been added to Heavenly Hold! I'm so excited to not only get to snag one for myself, but to begin working with customers searching for Beco's! There is currently no one in Georgia retailing the Beco Butterfly, so if you're an Atlanta babywearer and want to try out a Butterfly, give me a call or email me!

The Beco Butterfly II is a baby carrier that works on your front or your back for babies 7-45 lbs. It also has an internal infant insert (that is removeable) to make it easier to wear a newborn in the upright position.

I am also stocking the two newest prints of Butterflies at my shop...Zoye and Paige! I think that I'll be choosing one of these prints as my personal (and demo) carrier...but I'm having a hard time deciding which one!