Sunday, January 17, 2010

Our Cloth Diapering Adventure

Yep. I'm officially a cloth diaper addict now...thought it couldn't happen to me, but it has! I love 'em! I love fluffy buns! Never thought that diapering your baby could be so much fun!

I have tried LOTS of different kinds of cloth diapers so far. Thirsties, bumGenius, g diapers, Cute in Cloth, Tail Feathers, fuzzi bunz, swaddlebees, GAD's, and probably a few others!

My all time favorite brand is bumGenius, though...I always come back to it because ...well... because they work....REALLY WELL! We don't have leaks, they wash up really easily and they last!

I have both the sized AIO's with velcro and the one sized kinds. I really like the organic one sized AIO's with snaps the best.

One mistake I made early on, was not fully prepping my diapers. I was so eager to use them that I didn't wash them enough to get them fluffed up and to their full absorbancy.

Oh! And by the way, if I didn't mention it, I have cloth diapers at Heavenly Hold. And, if you're in metro Atlanta and want some help with cloth or you want to learn more about cloth diapering your little one, I'm happy to help (even if you're not buying).


Jessica GaleForceOne said...

I have been interested in doing cloth diapers for sometime. My husband and I don't have any children atm but I want to be prepared when we do. I am just unsure what exactly you need to buy to realistically to get started...How do you assemble said cloth diaper (in what order do you put the pads) you need to use a wool covering...etc etc.


tara said...

bum genius is the best for sure! I only wish I had more. I have a lot of fuzzibunz ... which were great for chubby legged Ellie but on a boy they have a tendency to leak if left on too long!

Also LOVE wool covers over a prefold diaper - makes it super easy to change when you are just around the house. They are also great for naptimes/bedtimes ... I usually double up w/ two prefolds and then a hemp insert!

Holly said...

I'm due at the end of June and bought a 12 pack of the bumGenius AIO organics and was wondering if you had any advice on them. Do they work ok for newborns? What about pre-washing instructions? I have an ancient washer, so I'm trying to pre-wash in warm water on the knit cycle, but my dryer (about 30 years old) doesn't have a low setting. Any advice?


Amber said...

Hi Holly! Those are some of my favorites for sure! I did not use them on my newborn, though...she was kind of small. I used bg XS AIO's when she was really teeny.

As far as's a MUST for them to reach their full absorbancy...don't worry about drying them can line dry them!

Holly said...

Thanks! I've starting my pre-washing routine this week (I'm two weeks from my due date) and hoping for the best. I've ordered some pre-fold cloth diapers from Bummis and covers in case the baby is small. So hard to guess ahead of time what we'll need! :)