Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Being Safe While Babywearing

A "Bag Sling"

As of late, babywearing has come under the scrutiny of the federal government. Unfortunately there have been some injuries and even deaths related to a certain type of carrier called a "bag sling". While bag slings are easy to come by, readily available at large national retailers, they are not the optimal choice for comfortable or safe babywearing. Though low in price, they're not worth the money consumers pay for them. Bag slings are slings that are, essentially, "bag-like" and would you put your baby in a bag? I think not!

The reason that bag slings are unsafe is that the baby is riding too low in the sling and is not secure against the body of the babywearer...the sling should never be able to swing away from the body. Correct slings should be fitted to the users body. When the baby is in the sling, the lowest point of the sling should be either right at or a little above the babywearer's belly button. Some quality brands of safe baby slings include: Slinglings, Hotslings, and Kangaroo Korner.

If you've been considering wearing your baby, please do not let these recent events deter you. The benefits of babywearing are numerous for you and your baby and if you do it correctly, your baby's safety will not even be in question.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Happy Birthday My Sweet Girl!

This post is a little late, but my sweet Kaelin turned three a couple weeks ago and had (her defenition of) a party: balloons, birthday cake and friends!!