Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Scootababy Print on the Way!

Heavenly Hold LOVES Scootababy! I use mine a LOT with both my girls ages 3 years and 9 months. I use carriers a lot in general, but I find myself grabbing my Scootababy a lot when we're in the house and baby is fussy or big girl just wants some extra mommy time. Scootababy is great for times like these because it's a quick carrier to grab and throw on...not a whole lot of adjusting needed to get it to feel right or to get baby in the "sweet spot."

I use my Scootababy to cook dinner (gasp! Don't try this at home babywearers...stoves and babywearing don't mix--but let's be real, here...sometimes you HAVE to cook with a baby in tow!), to vaccum (my daughters are terrified of the vacuum cleaner) or to do things like clean mirror or windows. It's very handy and super comfy.

I usually stay away from one sided carriers because they eventually put too much stress on one side of my body with my heavy babes and start hurting my back. The Scootababy is different because it has a SOFT STRUCTURED WAIST. The soft structured waist helps take the weight of the baby off your shoulder and back and transfers it to the most powerful muscle in your body...your quads! This makes your baby feel much lighter!

Scootababy has recently added a new print to their already gorgeous line. It's a beautiful fabric called "Kapaia" that was snagged by the manufacturer on a trip to Hawaii. Doesn't it look cool and breezy!? I love it! It has Espresso Twill straps and brown microfiber lining.

Also, don't forget that they also just added a Charcoal solid that is manufactured (fair trade) in China that comes at a lower price point!