Monday, May 24, 2010

Toddler Babywearing and Toddler Carriers

Kaelin in the Beco Butterfly II in "Zoye"

Kaelin in the "Pine" Boba.

I often hear many people say that they're buying a carrier for their baby, "Until she learns to walk." To some, wearing a toddler or preschooler just doesn't occur to them...but in fact, more and more people are wearing their older babies and children! And I say "Yay!!" for toddlerwearing!

My oldest daughter is 3 and we still wear her quite a bit. She had started to walk a lot more when we went out...until daughter #2 arrived! Then she became very interested in being worn again! AND, get this...she wanted to be worn on my front (because the baby was being worn on my front). So. Picture me, walking through the grocery store with a 37" toddler on my front...I couldn't see! It was pretty funny.

I've finally convinced her that she can be happy on my back and now I don't bump into things anymore. When we went to the zoo last month, I wore Kaelin on my back the entire time. It was very beneficial. She was happy as could be because she was up high and could see all the animals. I was happy as could be because I wasn't having to lift her up and down to see everything AND she was close to me...I knew where she was all the time. She was never running away from me.

Some of my favorite carriers for toddlers are Soft Structured Carriers. The Boba is what I wore Kaelin in at the zoo. It's designed for babies ages 1-4 (although I wear my 10 month old in it as well). It's all organic and super soft, sleek and lightweight! I also wear Kaelin in my ERGO, Action Baby Carrier, Oh Snap, and beco quite a bit.

I intend to toddler (or preschool) babywear for as long as my sweetie and I enjoy it!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Oh Snap!

Oh Snap! is the newest Soft Structured Baby Carrier manufactured by Babyhawk. Yes, they also make great mei tai's but the Oh Snap is a fantastic buckle carrier that gives you the ease of buckles instead of ties.

Oh Snap Carriers can be worn on the front or back and are intended to be used for babies 6 months and up through 45 lbs. It has a soft structured waist that will take the weight of the baby or toddler being worn and distribute it to your hips and quads...making your child seem weightless (and give you two free hands at the same time!).

When wearing your baby on your front, you have the ability to wear the shoulder straps in the criss cross position which is VERY comfy.

Although the Oh Snap does not have a sleeping hood, it does have a taller back and the headrest can be used folded down or up all the way. You can also add a Freehand Universal Hood to the OS if you wish.

The Oh Snap comes in TONS of different prints and many different strap color choices as well. All carriers on the Heavenly Hold site are in stock and ready to be shipped, but if you're interested in a custom, you'll be waiting a few weeks, but contact us!

The pictures above are my sweet friend and neighbor and her 6 month old son. LOVE the print she chose...Garden Tiles. She is wearing the Oh Snap on her front with the straps criss crossed over her back.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Babywearing in the Summer

Lots of people ask me about babywearing in the summer or in the heat. Where we live, it's hot....and it's humid! So we are experienced summertime babywearers over here.

Question: "What is the coolest baby carrier out there?"

My Answer: "There are a few lighterweight carriers out there, but no matter which carrier you choose, you're going to be hot in the summer. Your body generates body heat. Your baby's body generates body heat. The two bodies together generate even MORE body and sticky!"

However, if you want a cooler Buckle Carrier, I would recommend the Action Baby Carrier. It's going to be slightly cooler simply because it is very lightweight compared to the bulk of the carriers on the market. It's body is also unpadded which will allow for a little more airflow through the carrier.

The ERGO Sport is much lighterweight that the original ERGO and it also has an "air vent" that allows some air flow between the carrier and the baby's body.

The Freehand Mei Tai is one of the most lightweight mei tais that I have tried, and since the body is on the smaller side, there will be more air flow to baby and babywearer.

A Water Mesh Ring Sling or an Organic Cotton Mesh Ring Sling will also be slightly cooler because the mesh fabric allows more air to flow through the fabric and reach the baby and babywearer's bodies. These carriers are also great options to wear in the water and they dry quickly, too!

Have fun babywearing in the summer!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Babywearing is Beautiful

One of the main reasons why I babywear is the benefits that my baby receives from being worn. She will have more self confidence, be more intelligent, be healthier...the list goes on and on of the benefits she'll get from being worn. There are also many benefits to me. Mainly being that I can carry my baby and her weight will be evenly distributed throughout my body. No more will my back or neck be pinched or ache from lugging around my 20 lb'er!

BUT another big reason why I wear my babies, is to be cute! I am not a huge diaper bag mama like many moms are. I know moms that have a vast collection of diaper bags that would equal the down payment on a house for some people! I'm not one of those moms. I used that freebie diaper bag that the hospital gave me until it broke!

BUT...I'm a sucker for a cute (and of course, comfortable) baby carrier! I LOVE wearing my baby and looking cute doing it! I love color...I love print....I....LOVE....FABRIC!!

A super sweet local mom took a few pictures of me recently wearing Kiley in my Action Baby Carrier. I will treasure these pictures forever...way beyond my babywearing days!