Thursday, May 6, 2010

Babywearing in the Summer

Lots of people ask me about babywearing in the summer or in the heat. Where we live, it's hot....and it's humid! So we are experienced summertime babywearers over here.

Question: "What is the coolest baby carrier out there?"

My Answer: "There are a few lighterweight carriers out there, but no matter which carrier you choose, you're going to be hot in the summer. Your body generates body heat. Your baby's body generates body heat. The two bodies together generate even MORE body and sticky!"

However, if you want a cooler Buckle Carrier, I would recommend the Action Baby Carrier. It's going to be slightly cooler simply because it is very lightweight compared to the bulk of the carriers on the market. It's body is also unpadded which will allow for a little more airflow through the carrier.

The ERGO Sport is much lighterweight that the original ERGO and it also has an "air vent" that allows some air flow between the carrier and the baby's body.

The Freehand Mei Tai is one of the most lightweight mei tais that I have tried, and since the body is on the smaller side, there will be more air flow to baby and babywearer.

A Water Mesh Ring Sling or an Organic Cotton Mesh Ring Sling will also be slightly cooler because the mesh fabric allows more air to flow through the fabric and reach the baby and babywearer's bodies. These carriers are also great options to wear in the water and they dry quickly, too!

Have fun babywearing in the summer!

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