Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Babywearing is Beautiful

One of the main reasons why I babywear is the benefits that my baby receives from being worn. She will have more self confidence, be more intelligent, be healthier...the list goes on and on of the benefits she'll get from being worn. There are also many benefits to me. Mainly being that I can carry my baby and her weight will be evenly distributed throughout my body. No more will my back or neck be pinched or ache from lugging around my 20 lb'er!

BUT another big reason why I wear my babies, is to be cute! I am not a huge diaper bag mama like many moms are. I know moms that have a vast collection of diaper bags that would equal the down payment on a house for some people! I'm not one of those moms. I used that freebie diaper bag that the hospital gave me until it broke!

BUT...I'm a sucker for a cute (and of course, comfortable) baby carrier! I LOVE wearing my baby and looking cute doing it! I love color...I love print....I....LOVE....FABRIC!!

A super sweet local mom took a few pictures of me recently wearing Kiley in my Action Baby Carrier. I will treasure these pictures forever...way beyond my babywearing days!

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tara said...

You are a stylin' momma - and I definitely feel more stylish wearing my Boba then the plain blue ergo I still have from when Ellie was born.

I need to write that review ... I'll do it soon!