Saturday, May 22, 2010

Oh Snap!

Oh Snap! is the newest Soft Structured Baby Carrier manufactured by Babyhawk. Yes, they also make great mei tai's but the Oh Snap is a fantastic buckle carrier that gives you the ease of buckles instead of ties.

Oh Snap Carriers can be worn on the front or back and are intended to be used for babies 6 months and up through 45 lbs. It has a soft structured waist that will take the weight of the baby or toddler being worn and distribute it to your hips and quads...making your child seem weightless (and give you two free hands at the same time!).

When wearing your baby on your front, you have the ability to wear the shoulder straps in the criss cross position which is VERY comfy.

Although the Oh Snap does not have a sleeping hood, it does have a taller back and the headrest can be used folded down or up all the way. You can also add a Freehand Universal Hood to the OS if you wish.

The Oh Snap comes in TONS of different prints and many different strap color choices as well. All carriers on the Heavenly Hold site are in stock and ready to be shipped, but if you're interested in a custom, you'll be waiting a few weeks, but contact us!

The pictures above are my sweet friend and neighbor and her 6 month old son. LOVE the print she chose...Garden Tiles. She is wearing the Oh Snap on her front with the straps criss crossed over her back.

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