Monday, May 24, 2010

Toddler Babywearing and Toddler Carriers

Kaelin in the Beco Butterfly II in "Zoye"

Kaelin in the "Pine" Boba.

I often hear many people say that they're buying a carrier for their baby, "Until she learns to walk." To some, wearing a toddler or preschooler just doesn't occur to them...but in fact, more and more people are wearing their older babies and children! And I say "Yay!!" for toddlerwearing!

My oldest daughter is 3 and we still wear her quite a bit. She had started to walk a lot more when we went out...until daughter #2 arrived! Then she became very interested in being worn again! AND, get this...she wanted to be worn on my front (because the baby was being worn on my front). So. Picture me, walking through the grocery store with a 37" toddler on my front...I couldn't see! It was pretty funny.

I've finally convinced her that she can be happy on my back and now I don't bump into things anymore. When we went to the zoo last month, I wore Kaelin on my back the entire time. It was very beneficial. She was happy as could be because she was up high and could see all the animals. I was happy as could be because I wasn't having to lift her up and down to see everything AND she was close to me...I knew where she was all the time. She was never running away from me.

Some of my favorite carriers for toddlers are Soft Structured Carriers. The Boba is what I wore Kaelin in at the zoo. It's designed for babies ages 1-4 (although I wear my 10 month old in it as well). It's all organic and super soft, sleek and lightweight! I also wear Kaelin in my ERGO, Action Baby Carrier, Oh Snap, and beco quite a bit.

I intend to toddler (or preschool) babywear for as long as my sweetie and I enjoy it!


Adventures In Babywearing said...

I've been wearing Ivy more than usual lately and she is 21 months- usually running instead of walking but there are certainly times she needs to be worn! (Mostly on my back in a mei tai!)


Dreamer13 said...

I loved this post! I have just recently started wearing my 22 month old again. She had started to not like the mei tai because it had become the place to take a nap! lol but lately I put her up nice and high and arms out and we went to visit the horses - she was in glory land! LOVED it!! We will have to do this ore often again!! YAY!!

For hiking next week we are taking my mom's old framed baby backpack. What are your thoughts on those? I've hiked with DD at about 12 months in the mei tai and loved it. But my mom thinks we'll need the framed backpack now. (especially because she's bigger)

Amber said...

22 months is a GREAT time to babywear...interest may wan from time to time or be renewed (like it is now for you) from time to time! I say wear that kiddo as long as you can and get all those precious snuggles as long as you can! A Soft Structured Carrier may give you a bit more support than a mei tai would with a heavier an ERGO . I have hiked with the ERGO as it's SO supportive! As for a frame pack, I don't have much experience with them, but am wondering how "old" it is...there have been some new innovations in all types of baby carriers in recent years that have added a lot of comfort and support to them! What brand is it?

Also, LOVE your you can see, we're a curly headed family! Will be bookmarking that one!

vahnee said...

Augh, I would LOVE to still wear my toddler, but I'm 6 months preggo with #2 and already feel off balance on my own. Though I could imagine that I'll be one of those pack-mule moms with baby wrapped in front and toddler strapped on my back, LOL! :-)

Anavar said...

Very useful for carrying baby around with free hands. I will definitely use this carrier when I'll have baby. Thanks for sharing and greetings.

pharmacy said...

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errin pepper said...

My son is 22 months 34 inches and 29 lbs. I have been looking for something to toddlerwear and I was wondering what is your favorite for long periods of time?

Piggyback Rider said...

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