Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Action Baby Carrier New Prints!!!

I have long raved about the Action Baby Carrier in the babywearing world. It's truly one of my favorites! Not only is it super reasonably priced, but it's super duper simple, lightweight and supportive.

The Action Baby Carrier is a baby carrier that can be used front, back and hip with babies 8lbs - 40 lbs. You will only need one carrier from newborn to toddlerhood. When wearing your baby on the front in the Action Baby Carrier, you criss cross the straps over your back to make it comfy and supportive. When wearing the baby carrier on your back, use the chest strap the secure the carrier.

I recommend the Action Baby Carrier as a summertime option for babywearing because it is so lightweight. The body of the carrier is completely unpadded which allows for more breathability....hopefully keeping mom (or dad) and baby a little bit cooler!

The Action Baby Carrier is one of the few baby carriers that are made in the USA. Action Baby Carriers is truly a "mom and pop" operation, so when you purchase an ABC, you're supporting a small business, but more importantly, a hard working family business! Heavenly Hold, also a family owned/run business stocks all prints and colors of the Action Baby Carrier and ships them for free all over the US.

Email me amber (at) heavenlyhold (dot) com with any baby carrier or babywearing questions. I'm always super happy to help!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Boba Classic Baby Carrier

The Boba Classic Baby Carriers just arrived on my doorstep and we were all (the girls and I) SO excited!!! The Boba Classics are the same in design as the Boba Organic 2G's. They still are baby carriers designed for babies ages 1-4 (toddlers) or 15-45 lbs. My daughter fit fine in the Boba Organic when she was nearly 8 months.

The Boba Classic has the detachable sleeping hood, a taller back to accomodate toddlers, and the patent pending detachable foot stirrups (which ensure that the baby's legs have optimal circulation while in the carrier...keeping them at a 90 degree angle). Unlike the Boba Organic, the Classic is manufactured in China under fair trade working conditions.

Like the Boba Organic 2G, the Boba Classic also comes in earth inspired colors: Glacier, Mist, Breeze, Earth, Dusk, and Twilight. I chose the Dusk for myself..love it!

Heavenly Hold carries the Boba Classic in stock and ready to ship for free! The Boba Classic is a quality carrier for a very reasonable price.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Babywearing Grandparents!

I took this photo of my mom wearing Kiley on a recent visit to my parents...priceless! I was excited to share babywearing with my mom! My dad actually wore me when I was little in a frame backpack, so I was a worn baby too!

A question that I occasionally get is: What is a good carrier for a grandparent or a caregiver? Well, first off, yay for grandparent or caregiver babywearing! Awesome decision! Usually a grandparent or caregiver will want something relatively easy and simple to use...no fuss babywearing. This probably means that wraps and mei tais are out as they do have a little bit of a learning curve. A grandparent or caregiver quite probably will also be sharing the carrier with another person...you or another grandparent or caregiver. This means that it needs to be adjustable...nothing sized!

The answer: A Soft Structured Carrier! My personal favorite for ease of use and the support level. My petite mom was able to wear my Sienna Sunset ERGO with it cinched all the way down. I'm a bit taller (and less sleek) than she is and I'm able to wear the same carrier as is my husband.

I'd suggest an ERGO, an Action Baby Carrier or a Boba as they are all very similar in design and are all very simple to use. Happy Babywearing Grandmas and Grandpas!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

ERGO Performance Review

Sleeping hood/pocket compartment

Shoulder Straps and Chest Strap

Inside of Body and Structured Waist (note the mesh lining on parts of the body)

Heavenly Hold carries the new ERGO Performance baby carrier in stock and ready to ship (for FREE!).

My thoughts on ERGO's newest innovation are pretty positive so far at this early stage! I love, love, love all shades of green, so I'm a real sucker for the Spring Green ERGO Performance. The Grey is pretty sharp looking too!

There are quite a few differences between the ERGO Performance and the Standard ERGO. The shoulder straps are a big one...the straps on the Performance are waaaay less padded, but in a good way! The straps still felt supportive with my chubby girl and I, of course with a chubby baby, LOVE the ERGO's seat darts which really give the baby a true, ergonomic seat to sit in. I also like that there is a touch of leg padding on the sides of the body to cushion baby's legs.

The Performance is 1/3 lighter than the standard ERGO (yippee for summertime babywearing!) and it's made of breathable fabric. It does still have a sleeping hood, but instead of just rolling up in the pocket (yes! There IS a pocket!!!), it rolls up and then the pocket can zip shut (and the hood will stay put!). The hood seems really breathable, too and can also be detached.

The inside of the body is lined with mesh panels and Cool Max lining which also gives it more breathability. Not sure how much cooler this will actually make you when babywearing in the heat, but every little bit helps!

If you have any questions about the ERGO Performance or any other baby carriers, feel free to contact me! I'm always super happy to help...and sell you an ERGO!