Monday, August 9, 2010

Babywearing Grandparents!

I took this photo of my mom wearing Kiley on a recent visit to my parents...priceless! I was excited to share babywearing with my mom! My dad actually wore me when I was little in a frame backpack, so I was a worn baby too!

A question that I occasionally get is: What is a good carrier for a grandparent or a caregiver? Well, first off, yay for grandparent or caregiver babywearing! Awesome decision! Usually a grandparent or caregiver will want something relatively easy and simple to fuss babywearing. This probably means that wraps and mei tais are out as they do have a little bit of a learning curve. A grandparent or caregiver quite probably will also be sharing the carrier with another or another grandparent or caregiver. This means that it needs to be adjustable...nothing sized!

The answer: A Soft Structured Carrier! My personal favorite for ease of use and the support level. My petite mom was able to wear my Sienna Sunset ERGO with it cinched all the way down. I'm a bit taller (and less sleek) than she is and I'm able to wear the same carrier as is my husband.

I'd suggest an ERGO, an Action Baby Carrier or a Boba as they are all very similar in design and are all very simple to use. Happy Babywearing Grandmas and Grandpas!

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tara said...

what a great picture of your mom and Kiley!!