Monday, August 23, 2010

Boba Classic Baby Carrier

The Boba Classic Baby Carriers just arrived on my doorstep and we were all (the girls and I) SO excited!!! The Boba Classics are the same in design as the Boba Organic 2G's. They still are baby carriers designed for babies ages 1-4 (toddlers) or 15-45 lbs. My daughter fit fine in the Boba Organic when she was nearly 8 months.

The Boba Classic has the detachable sleeping hood, a taller back to accomodate toddlers, and the patent pending detachable foot stirrups (which ensure that the baby's legs have optimal circulation while in the carrier...keeping them at a 90 degree angle). Unlike the Boba Organic, the Classic is manufactured in China under fair trade working conditions.

Like the Boba Organic 2G, the Boba Classic also comes in earth inspired colors: Glacier, Mist, Breeze, Earth, Dusk, and Twilight. I chose the Dusk for it!

Heavenly Hold carries the Boba Classic in stock and ready to ship for free! The Boba Classic is a quality carrier for a very reasonable price.

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