Saturday, September 4, 2010

Baby Carrier Trial Program

I've been working on adding a Baby Carrier Trial Program to Heavenly Hold for quite some time...and I've finally got it up and running! Hooray!

I often talk with moms on the phone who have a hard time deciding which carrier will work for them. I give them my honest opinions about each and every carrier knowing that many times I'll probably muddle the waters even more with all the information I have! It's unfortunate that most folks don't have a local store that will have many brands for them to try out in person...but it's reality (for now). I'm hoping that with the new Baby Carrier Trial Program, this will help people make a better choice.

It's one thing to read all about a carrier online, but it's quite another to actually get to "test drive" a carrier. You can read and read all you want, but until you actually have a baby carrier on your body with your baby in it, you're not really going to know if it's going to work out for you.

Heavenly Hold's Baby Carrier Trial Program is fairly simple. You will rent a carrier from the site. Rental fee is $8 and shipping is a flat $6. You can rent as many carriers as you like. Once the carrier(s) arrive at your home, you'll have 14 days to test drive the baby carrier(s). At the end of your trial period, hopefully you'll know whether you've found a winner or not! You will have the choice to purchase the carrier you've tried (price will be dependent upon condition and age of carrier), or to send back and purchase another carrier, or to send back the carrier and hold off. If you do purchase a carrier, you'll get your rental fee ($8) as credit towards your baby carrier purchase.

As of today I have added quite a few carriers to the Baby Carrier Trial Program. So far I have ERGO Sport, ERGO Baby Carrier, beco Butterfly II, beco Gemini Baby Carrier, Action Baby Carrier, Boba Organic Baby Carrier and Boba Classic. I will be adding more brands in the near future and if you have any suggestions, feel free to suggest!


kkleach said...

What a great idea, Amber! I've already purchased mine, but haven't used it since Mia hasn't arrived yet. You and I spoke about it in length and I am pretty sure I made the right choice for us, but this "trial" period is a great thing! :)

Steph said...

This is PERFECT! I have a heavy 18 month old and would LOVE to be able to try the amazing Carriers I see online.

sa1114 said...

Ditto on the heavy 18 month old!

Lara Jane said...

How often are the trials restocked? Everything's out right now. :/